Each month you'll receive a different Gud Foodie box filled with all kinds of tasty treats


Gud Foodie Lite
Gud Foodie Pro

Our Gud Foodie Lite box contains the same tasty and wonderful treats as our Pro box but at a smaller scale. Each Lite box contains at least 6 different healthy snacks picked for you.

This is our top of the line, fully packed box. Each month your box will contain at least 12 different healthy and tasty snacks hand picked for your enjoyment. No two months will be the same and each month will contain a great variety of treats.
$14.00 Per Month - Free Shipping
$25.00 per Month - Free Shipping



You’ll first choose what plan you want. Options include our Lite plan (6 or more treats) and Pro plan (12 or more treats) on a month to month basis.


Next you’ll enter where you want your tasty goodies to be delivered, and billing information.


Your order will be shipped out on the 16th of every month that you are subscribed.


Depending on what plan you choose you’ll receive a mix of 6-12 snack sized healthy and tasty goodies.


Here at Gud Foodie we're all about living healthy lives, and we want to help you do it too. Once a month depending on your plan we'll send you 6-12 delicious snack sized goodies right to your doorstep. Also included are coupons and recipes from our favorite cooks. We work very closely with reputable brands that maintain the highest industry standards in food manufacturing. Next to working with the larger brands you know and love we're also working with small local businesses that share our vision of a more healthy lifestyle.

Head on over, choose a plan and start enjoying what Gud Foodie has to offer today!


Head over and choose your plan. You can choose our Lite or Pro box with a month to month billing cycle.
Once a month depending on what plan you choose you'll receive a box that contains anywhere from 6-12 delicious snack sized goodies right to your doorstep. Also included are coupons and recipes from our favorite cooks.
Orders are shipped out on the 16th of every month. We use USPS First Class Mail when applicable. If your box doesn't meet the weight requirements then it will be shipped out via USPS Parcel Post.
At the moment we only ship to the continental United States. We are looking to expand our shipping worldwide at sometime.
Shipping and Handling is free.
Since we mail out the Gud Foodie boxes on the 16th of the month and require a lead time of 10 days to prepare everything, you need to choose your plan on or before the 26th of the previous month. Example 1: Sally signs up on the 24th of March. She will then receive her first box on April 16th. Example 2: Amanda signs up on the 28th of March. She will receive her first box on the 16th of May.
We accept all major credit cards for our subscriptions. This includes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and various others.
When you choose your plan you'll be billed upfront. We only offer month to month plans, so you'll be billed on the 26th of every month.
Gud Foodie is a subscription based service. On the 26th of every month you'll be automatically billed for the next month. On the 16th of the month (give or take a few days) your Gud Foodie box will be shipped out, and you should receive it within 3-5 business days depending on weekends, holidays, etc.
We only offer month to month subscriptions. This way you don't have to sign up for a long term and can cancel you subscription at any time.
If you'd like to stop receiving your Gud Foodie boxes make sure to cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle which begins on the 15th of every month. Head over and log into your account, click on the 'edit' button then press 'cancel'. After that you'll receive an email explaining your cancellation for your records.
Unfortunately due to the nature of the business we cannot offer refunds. If you're unhappy with our products then you can cancel your order before the next billing cycle (15th of the month) and you won't be charged again.
We love hearing from our customers. Whether it's your love for our service or if you have something you'd like to discuss please feel free to email us at

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