Some of the Best Cooking Books That Need to Be in Your Kitchen

Having just graduated from university, cooking books have a firm place on my kitchen shelf. From disastrous attempts at making barely edible dishes, my time as a student has exposed me to many cooking books. Here are the top ten of the best cooking books that are invaluable to any wannabe Masterchefs out there. Ready…

Botswana Food

Botswana offers a wide selection for the palate. The food found in the country is a combination of exotic dishes found only in Botswana and dishes that are commonly found in the entire region. This has added a certain level of uniqueness to Botswana food that travelers to this country can experience. Staples

Cooking Time of Common Foods Using the George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill is a revolutionary grilling machine that was introduced in the market in 1994. It was named after George Foreman, a famous world-class boxing champion who fought the legendary Muhammad Ali, among others. Many are thankful for the conception of the George Foreman Grill mainly because it changed and improved the way

How a Raw Vegan Diet Slows and Even Reverses Aging!

The raw vegan diet is a powerful one. It is the diet the human body was designed for and thrives on. Just think about it, all the other animals in the wild eat raw foods. Have you ever seen a lion or tiger with heart disease or cancer? Or how about a chimpanzee or Gorilla

Koi Fish and Lion Tattoos

Koi Fish Tattoos – A sneak peek So you have made an all important decision of getting a tattoo done on you. Once you have made this decision the next step is to decide on the design of tattoo that you want to get made. The range and variety of tattoo designs are endless and

Where Did All The Farmers Go?

Several times a year, I hear someone complain about the development of farm land in our area. These complainers consider it a crime that so much of our farm land has been converted to housing, business, shopping, etc. They seem to consider the farmers and developers to be criminals. If you want to know why

Meal Prep For Busy People

Over the years I have mentioned to various people a recipe I use to make a very healthy, homemade vegetable soup. I’m big on preparing food in advance so that it is always available. Recently, I was asked some specific questions so I thought I would write down everything regarding ingredients and preparation. A 6

How to Overcome Emotional or Compulsive Eating

Have you ever felt so lonely that it made you grab that tub of ice cream on the refrigerator and eat it while your tears were flowing? Or have you ever felt so overjoyed that you ate a lot while laughing and talking to others about your exciting experience? Yes, we all love to eat

Is Your Keto Diet Clean or Dirty?

At CrossFit Diet Tips we have wrote extensively about a good diet program for athletes. Whether you follow a keto style diet, or stick to a Paleo regimen, there are good ways and bad ways to do it. A name alone does not describe a particular diet program. You can follow one to the letter,

Can You Cure Fibromyalgia With Fasting?

What a great question, and yes, I think you can. That’s not how I did it, but I have experimented with fasting a bit and have had some interesting results. First, let me say that I cured fibromyalgia with a combination of stretching, supplementation, guaifenesin therapy, bodywork, and emotional processing (trying to change the way

How to Tell a Good Sushi Bar From a Bad Sushi Bar

“If it looks like sushi, it is sushi” There is no doubt that the making of sushi is not just a culinary trade, but it is also regarded as an art perfected over a lifetime. Below are some memories and points that highlight various things that make good and bad sushi bars. Things like shop

How Do You Like Your Salad Dressing?

I remember the salad dressing that my mother usually made for the family. It was very simple. The fresh cold pressed virgin olive oil from Lebanon, a squeeze of fresh half a lemon, a pinch of fresh mint, salt and pepper and there it was. And our salads at the time, it seems like a

The Cro-Magnon Diet – How the Cavemen Survived

Cro-Magnon man, through no fault of his own, adopted a healthy diet that kept him and all of his Cro-Magnon family healthy. Another Fad Diet? Lord no–not another fad diet! It seems like there are as many diet plans as there are fat people–myself included. No, I am not what I consider to be obese.

Wild Edible Plants Of Utah and The West

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about wild edible plants over the past couple years and while it was tough in the beginning finding the identification and finding resources for the plants I was seeing it has been a thrill to learn how much there is available in the wild. I have to stay I am

The Top 5 Harmful Substances Found in Your Food

If you need to enhance the flavour of food using artificial chemicals rather than herbs and spices, there is something seriously wrong about that and it begs to wonder why you would want to put such things into their bodies. Of course, there are more than five harmful substances that are found in foods but

Home-Cooked Pre-Made Meals

Whenever someone follows me to our pantry they inevitably utter amazement at our preserves and pre-made meals and say: “How do you find the time?” Actually I find this activity saves me a lot of time and a heck of a lot of money. Here I’ll share some tips to help make this activity a

Resveratrol and Obesity

Obesity, Weight Control, Longevity and Resveratrol Obesity has been termed an “epidemic” of staggering proportions by many doctors, scientists, scholars, and sociologists.  Its complications are now seen by many as being the leading cause of death in America and many other industrialized nations. A growing number of Americans are obese … According to the U.S.

Cold Spaghetti Salad

This recipe has certainly been a lifesaver over the years. My sister, Debra first introduced me to this delicious salad a few years ago. It’s so economical to make and only has a few ingredients. Sometimes, homemade salads can get quite expensive but not this one. It really is a budget stretcher and it’s certainly

Dig This – It’s National Potato Month!

My editor recently informed me that September just happens to be National Potato Month. Being both an Irishman by ancestry and a lover of all things potato- mashed, baked, french-fried and roasted – I eagerly offered to do some digging for dirt on the beloved vegetable. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research

Dumb Me Down, Scottie

Languages have become more dynamic, they are in a state of flux, acquiring new vocabulary from other cultures. English is particularly adept at borrowing from other languages. There are more foreign-loan words in German from the English than the other way round: Computer, car rental, fast food to name but a few. Often they are

6 Things to Include in Your Personal Goal Setting

Over the past few days I have been slowly going over my goals for 2014, just to see if I am on track with what I have planned for this year. I think it is really important to have our goals written out, either in a notebook or diary, and for you visual learners you

Unusual Places and Things to Eat in Mexico City

You travel to try out new things and have new experiences, right? So why not stretch your palate a bit too during your travels? Although here in Mexico City you can truly experience the “exotic” in dining, you needn’t delve into the bizarre. Take a step a little off your normally beaten path with these

4 Easy Keys To A Healthy Life

In this day and age, we are surrounded with temptations for all things that are bad for us. There are fast food places on almost every corner. Since they all compete with each other, there are many places right next to each other. Plus the deals they have not only make it easy to get

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days – With This Diet Plan

The best way to lose 10 pounds in 10 days isn’t starving yourself, but by eating more foods. Eating more foods and shifting them each and every day, Calorie shifting is a form of dieing that has been used for a very long time. Many bodybuilders have used this method to get into the best

Summer Salads For Sugar Busters

The wonderful joys of summertime fun: swimming, hiking, biking, baseball, soccer, gardening, and the list goes on and on and on. Who wants to spend lots of time preparing fresh and healthy meals in a hot kitchen? Not me! So I composed 3 summer salads for sugar busters (we have to be satisfied to stick

A Restaurant Reviewers’s Worst Case Scenario

One of the most interesting things for a Restaurant Reviewer is having a pleasurable experience and then all of a sudden some unexpected thing occurs. After traveling around the United States and Canada for some 5-years I noticed that the service in some of the more respected restaurant chains was quite uneven. Meaning not only

How to Build a Beach Body For a Hardgainer

As a hardgainer, I like to share my personal experience on how to build a beach body naturally without the use of drugs or expensive supplements. A hardgainer is someone who has a very difficult time gaining weight no matter what that person does. I remember losing weight while eating fast-food almost every single day

Bodybuilding Issue – Staying Consistent

The truth is, being consistent can be very difficult. It takes a lot of determination and will power. See consistency isn’t just about having consistent workouts. It’s about consistently balancing the fundamentals. It means consistently going to the gym to train, consistently sticking to your diet, and consistently getting enough rest. I completely understand the

My First Overseas Trip Was to Singapore

Many people around the world have travelled either within their country or travelled overseas, but there are some who never, ever leave home! I actually feel sorry for these people because they never get to experience life outside of their cocoon. Whether you travel to the next state or somewhere not far from home, you

Ningxia Wolfberry (Goji Berry) Highest Known Antioxidant Food

What is the Ningxia Wolfberry? Ningxia is a provence on the West Elbow Plateau of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia where people live to be over 100 years old-10-20 years longer than the average person in the region. Some 17 different varieties of wolfberry have been identified. However, the Ningxia wolfberry has been shown

What is Issan?

The simple answer is that Issan is the Northeast area of Thailand bordered by Laos and the Mekong in the North and East, Cambodia in the Southeast, the Pratchinburi mountains in the South and Phetchabun mountain range to the North and Central plains. The word Issan comes from the Sanskrit language meaning Northeast. The harder

Chinese Cultural Lack of Empathy in Development – Counselling Practice

Abstract In this paper I intend to explore the phenomenon of empathy or the lack there-of amongst the Chinese population. The evidence is mostly through observational techniques and interviews with Chinese commentaries about the findings. Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others by recognising their emotions, behavioural action and situation. This method

Ear Fullness, Tinnitus, and Hearing Loss

Endolymphatic hydrops (EH. is a baffling condition to patients and physicians alike. It is sometimes referred to as Meniere’s disease, though this terminology is misleading. Meniere’s disease represents a triad of symptoms described in the 19th century by French physician Prosper Meniere. Endolymphatic hydrops seems a far more helpful term to help understand the underlying

Christmas Mysteries Review, Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine and Leslie Meier

Enhance your holiday celebrations with this new trilogy of short Christmas stories. Best selling author, Joanne Fluke, headlines this entertaining, feel-good tribute to seasonal literature. Fifteen mouth-watering recipes complement the story lines; sure to add pleasure to any holiday feast or forthcoming Super Bowl party. Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke It’s a month before

Chongqing – The Capital of Hot-Pot and Beautiful Girls

Chongqing is one of the biggest cities in China with its metropolitan population according to different sources being 5 to 7.5 million people (2010). If I would have to choose just one word to describe Chongqing it would be “spicy”. This is due to the fact that Chongqing is famous for its culinary specialty –

Pros and Cons Of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is defined as “the practice of abstaining from the consumption of meat – red meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animal”. (1) In my experience ‘going veggie’ can be a double edged sword. It can lead to massive health benefits – when its done properly. I have vegetarian meals and entire

A Silk Road Trip, or I Gobbed in the Gobi, China, 1992

In August 1992, myself and my wife, Caroline, arranged a trip to post-Tiananmen China. It was in the days when the London China Travel office was on Cambridge Circus, opposite the Palace Theatre on Charing Cross Road. It took me at least twenty books, a late-night Japanese television series and several months to plan and

Chinese Sugar Fried Chestnuts

The “Liang Xiang” chestnuts are well known. Here “Liang Xiang” refers to the old “Liang Xiang” county, which is equivalent to part of the mountain area of “Fangshan” district of Beijing, and is not the “Liang Xiang” village county. “Liang Xiang” chestnuts really are “Fangshan Chinese chestnuts”. It is kind of confusing, even to many

Viva Singapura

Sipping the Singapore Sling (a cocktail of gin, Benedictine, cherry brandy and club soda) aboard the Singapore Airlines flight, I started planning my Singapore trip. Rachit had promised that there was a lot that I had to see and experience. My mind conjured up images of high-rises and Chinese men in business suits. Would Singapore

Condiments and the Candida Diet

Can you imagine eating a hamburger, hot dog or mom’s meatloaf without ketchup? Okay even if ketchup is not your thing most of us enjoy our favorite foods with some sort of condiment. I have seen hot dogs piled high with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, soy sauce and relish. A little ridiculous to me, but I

Some Useful Chinese Proverbs and Expressions

Below are a few Chinese proverbs or expressions that I have found extremely useful. They are all written in pinyin as Chinese characters may not display properly here. Chinese Pinyin: “mei chi putao shuo putao suan” Literal translation – haven’t eaten grapes say grapes sour Believe that grapes are sour even though you have never

7 Reasons Why Indie Theatre Rocks

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like spending your hard-earned (or fairly stolen) money on the same old thing you can get everywhere. And I’m not sure about you, but I can’t afford $150 for 2 hours of theatre. Even if I could, I’d likely use that same money for a weekend binge of

The Breville Gourmet Wok Review

Is the Breville Gourmet Wok something you really need in your kitchen? Or is it just another hyped kitchen appliance you’ll end up storing somewhere in your garage and forget about it? You can read in this article about my experience with this popular electric wok and find out whether it’s worth buying it or

Indian Food 101

Indian Food and Indian Restaurants are common in many parts of the world , but in my pocket of the world they seem to be few and far between. I realized that many Americans may not be accustomed to Indian Food; what to order at an Indian Restaurant or the proper way to eat Indian

How Diversity In The Workplace Is a Benefit for Organizations

The democratic principle that I selected is that all men are created equal. The equality of all men, and women, is important in a democratic environment in the workplace. This statement is to say that all people, no matter what race, religion, background, geographic region, are created equal as in the same. People are all