5 Best Brain Foods Toddlers and Young Kids

Children are constantly developing, whether they’re sleeping or playing. What they eat is highly important, because it impacts their growth, including brain development. It affects how quickly they pick up and learn simple things as toddlers. When your little one has started to go to school, what he eats affects his focus and cognitive skills.

Make it a point to cook and serve only healthy, balanced meals to your child. Here are some of the best brain foods for toddlers and young kids that are critical for their overall development:


Leafy greens are among the world’s most nutritious food. They’re loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that all play a part in healthy development, including the brain. It would not be easy to serve leafy greens plain (like in a salad) to most kids, but there are many ways to incorporate them into meals to make them kid-approved.

Try whipping them into delicious smoothies for a healthy snack or you can add them in omelettes or in lasagne. The possibilities are endless!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away – that’s true! And you know what else apples do? They help boost brain development! Apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin that helps fight the decline in mental skills.

This wonder fruit is always a good thing to have in reach in case your child is feeling sluggish or is craving for sweets!


Eggs are very versatile, which makes them easily loved by kids. The good thing is, the nutrients and protein that egg contains help improve concentration in kids. Aside from fried, serve eggs in a variety of ways! Try making an egg salad sandwich or folding scrambled eggs in whole-grain tortilla. Just be creative!


Omega-3 fatty acids are very good for brain development – they help prevent memory loss and boost mental function. Sardines, salmon and tuna are all excellent sources of omega-3s.

Prepare a tuna sandwich, fish fingers, fish tacos or serve it grilled and let your little one choose a dip!

Greek Yogurt

A full-fat Greek yogurt, which contains more protein compared to other yogurts, is very beneficial for the brain. Good fats are essential to brain development and Greek yogurt helps keep the brain cells in good shape!

Pack Greek yogurt in his lunch box and for added fun and color, add a serving of cereal or blueberries along with it!

Include these 5 best brain foods for toddlers and young kids regularly for better brain health!

Source by Angela Kidd