A Simple Chicken Feet Delicacy – Chicken Feet Kerabu (Chicken Feet Salad)

Although eating chicken feet is an acquired taste, those who love to eat chicken feet will swear by it. It is a delicacy in its own right. Chicken feet can be cooked in many ways. Popular ways of cooking chicken feet are stew and boil. Usually most people prefer the fried chicken feet for their dishes. However, I would like to share another not so common but healthy chicken feet dish. This is a delicacy which is popular in local eateries. Although it looks complicated, it can be prepared quite easily at home. It is an appetizer and is eaten cold. Here the dish need boneless chicken feet. One has to be skillful to take out the bones from the feet. If you are not sure how to debone , get the boneless chicken feet in wet markets or supermarkets.


500 gm boneless chicken feet

30 gm lemon grass

3 red chillies

6 small chillies (cilli padi)

1 bunga kantan (known as Torch Ginger in English and Etlingera elatior in Latin)

4 limes, juiced

salt and sugar to taste


Shred the boneless chicken feet into bite size. Blanche the chicken feet in boiling water, drain and set aside. Slice finely the lemon grass, red chillies, cilli padi and bunga kantan. Sprinkle evenly on to the chicken feet. Mix all ingredients with the lime juice before serving. Kerabu may be served chilled or at room temperature.

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Source by Mary Ly