All About Fat Bastard Wine and Black Wine Glasses

Although the name Fat Bastard would make anyone wonder, it is probably one of the best wines available in the market for a very affordable price. Actually Fat Bastard is a fast growing French wine discovered by accident by French winemaker Thierry Boudinaud. It seems it’s strange name was given after Thierry tasted it and proclaimed “now that is what you call a fat bastard”.

First fat bastard wine was actually a Chardonnay but today you can find a variety of Fat Bastard wines types such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Rose, Syrah and even the famous Cabernet Sauvignon. What is great about the Fat Bastard brand is that it is not only a quality wine but it is also affordable unlike most famous brands. This wine is perfect if you want to taste good wine but you are not ready to spend a small fortune on it. Best thing is that you can find Fat Bastard very easy and the cost is somewhere between $8 to $25. Another great thing about this wine is that it lacks the typical rubbing alcohol aroma found in the cheaper one’s. It’s a great alternative when you have a large number of guests coming over and you want to serve them a good wine that will not cost you a fortune.

When it comes to wine it is very important that you choose the right type of glasses for serving it. There are many types of glasses available each designed for a certain type of wine. For example glasses for red wine have a large bowl and a wide opening designed to allow the taster to savor the wine’s aroma. For sparkling wine the glasses will have a slender bowl and a long stem which will keep the effervescence of the wine longer. Irrespective of the type of wine glasses you will use, if you want to impress your guests or simply add a bit of class when you drink your wine, you can opt for black wine glasses.

Black wine glasses have the same attributes of the classic clear crystal glasses with the exception that they are tinged black. This contrasts with the clear stem of the glass and it gives the wine glass a very original and elegant look meant to impress. This type of glasses can make the perfect gift for a wine lover and they are great to have for parties or other special occasions.

Source by Angella Jones Brown