Ancient Roman Recipe – Mulsum and Frittata

To get started, this recipe is really easy and so tasty!

Honey was one of the basic ingredients of the Romans and other ancient civilizations. Honey was the sweetener and has healthy benefits, therefore it was used widely in many different dishes and drinks.

Ingredients for four persons:


-Cup of milk

-Four eggs

-Three tablespoons of honey

Make a homogeneous mixture of the four eggs and the milk.

Heat the pan and pour the mixture in it.

Fry the frittata only on one side, make sure the upperside is well-fried.

Turn it on your plate and pour the honey on the frittata and finish it with pepper.

Do vary and test with the amount of honey, the Ancients did use much more honey per dish than we are used to, but I guess we aren’t used to the sweet taste of honey anymore.

I do advise you to use biological honey, which tastes much richer than ‘normal’ honey and of course the bees are treated in their natural way of living.


Ancient Roman recipe: Frittata

Mulsum is unfermented honey mixed with wine (not to compare with Mead)

Ingredients for one bottle of Mulsum:

– Dry white wine

-Three tablespoons of honey

Just as the Roman Ancient Recipe: Frittata was simple to prepare, Mulsum is as well. I’ve tested different kinds of wines and it does taste the best with a good dry wine. The contrast between dry and the sweet honey reflect and are in harmony.

Pour a little bit of wine in a glass and dissolve the honey in it, then pour the mixture in the bottle of wine.

Leave it for at least two or three hours in the refrigerator.

Before drinking make sure no honey is at the bottom of the bottle, if this is the case, mix well before serving.

Emperor Augustus claimed Mulsum to be good for the digestion and for being and staying youthful. If you try this out, do let me know what wine you are using!

Source by Gianluigi Cuccureddu

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