Are You Considering a Homemade Chicken Coop?

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Are you considering having a homemade chicken coop? Maybe you are looking to just have a few chickens for your own personal use or maybe your looking to get into more of a business venture? Chicken coops can be built in various sizes, depending on what your needs will be. It’s quiet simple!

A homemade chicken coop, can save you half the price of what you might pay for a pre-built unit and in today’s economy saving any money is beneficial.

The first thing to remember is, this is where your chickens are going to eat and sleep. They will need to be protected from outside predators and the weather elements so you need to take this into consideration and having the proper coop is very important.

If your looking just to house a few chickens, its wise to go bigger to accommodate more chickens down the road. In so many cases the chicken raisers, end up choosing to raise more chickens.

Deciding on the size is very important. If you are just starting out, a smaller coop or mobile coop would be a great one. This can be moved to different locations and it’s a wonderful way to introduce children to raising chickens and to be able to get involved in the experience.

The mid coop, is obviously bigger, but its also not so much cage looking. If your looking more for a better yield of eggs and to house more chickens this is the one for you.

The large coop, is more for a business, when your looking to raise and house many chickens. The larger the coop, the more maintenance it will require.

Source by Obediah Marsh