Baking the Best Cakes and Sweets With a Cake Mixer

Homemade treats are always wonderful. Mixing cake mixes by hand not only is labor intensive but it is not the best way to get a good batter. It is impossible to mix a cake by hand and get it aerated enough. It may be hard to notice that the batter is not as fluffy as it needs to be to get you a great light fluffy cake, but once you compare the taste to a cake made using a cake mixer you will be able to tell the difference.

A cake mixer combines the ingredients in the cake batter in record time and aerates it exactly as it needs to be aerated resulting in the perfect fluffy batter. This makes for a better tasting cake.

Time and Labor

Trying to mix a cake by hand is really not only time consuming but it is labor intensive. Keeping up with the right number of strokes is a study in frustration. Most cake recipes call for using a cake mixer for the ease of use and to guarantee the ingredients are blended as they need to be.

Many recipes call for the exact amount of ingredients being blended in the exact order. One misstep will result in a cake not tasting the way it is expected to.

Most folks want to get in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. They do not want to spend thirty minutes mixing up batter. Mixing a cake mix by hand is certainly not getting anyone out of the kitchen quickly.


There are many models to choose from. There are very simple hand held versions that typically have two beater arms; these are perfect for mixing up a cake quickly without any fuss. Of course there are much more elaborate models that come with various attachments for different tasks. These types are ideal in the busy kitchen where they will get much use. Some come with their own stands and bowls for mixing. There is a wide variety of models available that will be well suited for just about every kitchen. You can choose the model that will suit your needs.

All models are dependent on electricity. The larger models of course will have to have a storage area, the smaller hand held models will easily fit into most kitchen drawers.

The price range for a cake mixer will vary from anywhere to twenty dollars into the hundreds. They are well worth every penny.

Source by Alen Katzos