Calorie Shifting Diet Generator

The calorie shifting diet provides a diet generator online which helps you to map out your own meal plan. This will take you into your weight loss road to success. The meal plan duration is for 11 days and it consists of four meals per day. These meals can be eaten with no predetermined order.

In this calorie shifting diet you are able to eat as much as you want and you do not have to restrict or starve yourself. You also have to eat until you are satisfied but you should not eat until you are too full. In this process you should be able to depict the felling of fullness or hunger that you will be experiencing.

However, there is a gap of 2.5 to 3 hrs between your meals so that the diet becomes well balance and appropriate. You should spread your meals evenly so that you do not have to put yourself under stress and this will make you deviate away from your diet.

The calorie shifting diet consists of well balanced foods from all the four groups and this will eventually make you lose weight without having to crave for anything. The only problem is that you are not able to eat these foods anytime you feel like. You have to group all calorie types in a set so at to set a pattern. It may be the easiest option if you can include foods from each set of the food pyramid. And the calories have to be shifted from meal to meal and from day to day.

So the main things you should consider in calorie shifting diet are:

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1. You should be able to calculate how much weight you have to loss.

2. The duration of the diet is for 11 days and during these days you should experience some rapid weight loss.

3. You will generate your own personalized meals, eat until you are satisfied but not until you too full.

4. Make sure you space your meals by 2 to three hour after every meal.

5. Drink at least 9 glasses of water every day.

You can eat your meals with no predetermined order.

It is of paramount importance that you have a three day break so as to give your body a chance to rest due to the rapid weight loss.

This diet works by shifting the types of calories you consume. There is no need to keep track of you calorie count nor should you keep track of the foods you consume. This plan is unique in its own way and it has proved great results for many people through out the world. It will not even disturb your eating, actually it will motivate you to eat all foods from the four groups and you will still achieve your goal of losing weight.

Many dieters have found this program to be very helpful indeed and it has worked tremendous for them. If this is your first time to here about calorie shifting diet then I edge you to try it out and check the results for yourself.

Source by Philipp S Kostin