Chicken Coop Roosts – What is the Best Size?

If you think about this, virtually no component of a new hen house is unimportant, and that goes for the chicken coop roosts as well. That’s where ones chickens rest, and designing a chicken coop roost that fits the requirements of a person’s birds is important.

Those that may be a new comer to raising chickens would possibly not realise that chickens dislike to fall asleep on the floor. They don’t like sleeping in nesting boxes as well. What they actually do prefer are well-built roosting bars or platforms.

Most experts acknowledge that the reason chickens prefer to snooze on a roost is actually because it makes them feel safer. Chickens will regularly huddle as a group on a single roost, hence providing them with the feeling of staying safer at night time.

The best roost is positioned above the floor. This, also, adds to the flock’s sense of protection. Some of the predators that hunt chickens are not able to get up upon a roost-or at a minimum definitely not very easily.

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Any time chickens are very well rested and feel protected in their coop, they provide more eggs and behave well.

It’s often been noted that chickens will likely rest in the highest point possible in the coop. That is where ideally you should place your roosting bars or platforms.

It will be important that you not place your nesting boxes over the roosting area because this might result in the birds to fall asleep within the box. As a general rule, chickens will defecate when they’re asleep and you don’t want that occurring where any eggs are laid.

Chicken coop roosts really should be within the same height. There are some reasons for this.

For those who place Chicken coop roosts at numerous heights, you may end up with a group of chickens that will be combating over the higher regions. As pointed out, chicken behavioral instinct will be to snooze as up high as they can, and they will battle over that location.

Second, those chickens which might be roosting underneath individuals greater up are going to be splattered with feces. You certainly don’t need that.

The best method is to design your chicken coop roosts all on the same levels, using crossbars if desired to get enough roosting place for all of the chickens. Normally, you must provide about ten inches of roosting space for every hen.

Many of the on line chicken coop plans that one can obtain includes in depth directions regarding how to construct your chicken coop roosts. Before you buy your chicken coop plans, it is best to have some notion in respect of the quantity of mature chickens you would like to raise at one time. This makes it incredibly easier to pick the right size coop and roosting plan.

Source by Chris Tracey