Coconut Vinegar Benefits and Uses

There seems to be not enough exposure on the uses and health benefits of Natural Coconut Vinegar.

The whole world needs to know more about this unique and tasty product which is a traditional food in the Philippines and many other Asian countries. The versatility and goodness of this vinegar can be enjoyed in so many ways and I’m going to share some of them with you.

Coconut Vinegar is traditionally collected in the Philippines, by tree climbers who climb to where the stem that bears the flowers and fruits are, and cut the ends of the stems so it doesn’t bear fruit anymore. The remaining stems are then placed inside cylinders to catch the nectar (locally called “tuba”) that seeps out, which would normally feed the growing fruits.

Tree climbers go from tree to tree each day collecting the nectar caught in these cylinders. Once collected, the nectar ferments in about 40 to 60 days with the colour changing from a cloudy white, to a clear yellow to a brownish colour which is a natural occurrence of the fermentation process.

Natural Coconut Vinegar is rich in Vitamins and alkalising minerals like Potassium, Beta-Carotene, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Sodium and also contains anti-oxidants which makes this natural food such a great part of your diet for the benefits it provides. This humble food which is inexpensive and adds life to your gourmet foods actually nourishes you with its goodness as well.

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The versatility of this natural vinegar is limited only by your imagination when it comes to food menus in particular. I have used it in soups, salad dressings, dips and recipes where you just replace other vinegars with Coconut Vinegar. When mixed with your choice of spices, the Coconut Vinegar suddenly transforms into a uniquely flavoured table sauce which can be used for dipping grilled meats, specially grilled pork, Chicken or beef steaks. It is also delicious with seafood.

Coconut Vinegar is naturally made and contains no artificial additives. The fermentation is activated by digestion friendly probiotic organisms, which is always good as you tend to enjoy your meals even more when you discover the great taste of this uniquely flavoured table sauce, which you can use everyday. Being a natural preservative, there is no concern for the shelf life and in fact can also be used by passionate pickle enthusiasts to create their own variation of pickles.

Most Filipino and Asian stores around the world would stock this vinegar as it is a traditional staple food in coconut growing regions in Asia. Coconut Vinegar is only one of the multitude of products which come from the wonder that is the Coconut tree.

Source by Fritz Badelles