Cook Awesome Chinese by Using the iPhone Application – Chinese Food in Minutes

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Chinese food is something that almost all of us love but only few of us would go ahead and find a time to learn how to make it. Chinese food in minutes is an iPhone application that can satisfy the urge of both who like to eat and also those who love cooking. Using this iPhone application will help you in making great Chinese food within no time!

Chinese food in minutes is basically a cooking application that contains recipes and instructional videos from a UK television show that is quite popular by the same name. The episodes of the show follow Ching He Huang who coaches to such people in each episode who have never actually cooked Chinese cuisine before.


This iPhone application features some great recipes from selected 13 episodes, instant shopping list so you can buy more recipes, one instant menu to access recipes and video clips that demonstrate cooking techniques for few of the dishes.


As soon as you load the application, it will play a small introductory video which you cannot skip. After the video, you will be presented with two ways in which you can view the recipes — by episode or by category. It is also possible to search by ingredient or dish name and the application will filter results and present you with those dishes that are already there in the application.

Each recipe in the application includes title and summary, so you can choose your dish accordingly. You can also add your favorite dishes in the list. The application can also help you in suggesting an item that will complement a dish that you have chosen. In each recipe you can also view a summary, ingredient list and step-by-step instructions. For any ingredients that you do not have and would like to purchase them, you can add them in shopping list. The shopping list can sort the item by grocery exile or by recipe.


Chinese foods in minutes — iPhone application is a full-featured recipe application and one tap shopping list that is available in each recipe. Be application has an attractive and user-friendly design and you have separate many suggestions from one main dish. There are handfuls of videos which can help you if you have never seen the show on TV. You can make settings according to metric or imperial units, whichever is used in your country. This will make the quantities understandable.

Source by Debbie Gordon