Decorating Cake With Fondant

There are a variety of different cake types. Most of them are occasional such as wedding cakes and birthday cakes. The decoration of cakes is a hobby as well as a money making idea. It needs some artistic skill. It may be called an art which helps you to keep exercising your imagination and improve your natural skills. The process of cake decoration is also called a “sugar art”, since it uses only edible decorative elements to make plain cakes visually interesting. The history of baking and decorating cakes in its modern guise can be traced back to the latter part of the twentieth century in United States of America.

The cake you want to decorate should be well baked and cooled one. There are many ways to decorate cakes such as applying gum paste, using piping techniques or using food color.

Gum paste is a stiffening agent that helps for making hand-made edible fruits and flowers to decorate the cake. It is a malleable material. Piping methods needs a hand held pastry bag made from paper cloth or plastic. This is usually triangular shaped and is used to pipe semi-solid food elements by pressing them through a narrow opening end. Pastry bags are used for icing and also for making flower shapes, stars, leaves, etc.

Tinting and frosting are the other ways to decorate cake. Usually frosting starts with white color and different amounts of food coloring is added separately. Another way to make cakes looking prettier is icing. There are different types of icings. But the most common and popular choice is butter-cream icing. It is smooth and creamy. Butter cream is made with sugar butter and other flavorings. Hence it can be easily melt in extreme heat.

Another important method is decorating cake with fondant. Fondant is a thick creamy white sugar mass. It is used to roll and can be draped over a cake. Fondant usually remains soft for a while and hardens over time, but not bone hard and so it is great as a cake covering. Decorating cake with fondant is as easy as playing with clay as a child. We can roll it and cut it to the size we desire. We can print designs on it, can create color effects and form it into any shape. Fondant does not need to be refrigerated but the cakes decorated with fondant can be refrigerated. Any types of cakes such as cup cakes, regular cake and occasional cakes can be decorated with fondant.

Source by Richard C Wells