Doing a Wedding Cookout

A great idea for a casual, less-expensive wedding reception is a barbecue. In fact, the wedding barbecue is now becoming a popular option for smaller weddings. If you are thinking of a barbecue for you wedding reception, remember, the entire affair can be a lot of fun if only you plan beforehand and assign specific duties to people.

Pick your barbecue location well ahead of time. Consider how far it’s going to be from the wedding ceremony itself.

Plan the menu carefully. You need something everyone will enjoy but is relatively easy and less time consuming. Also, you will need food that can be prepared partially beforehand so that not much time is lost at the grill itself. Pick thinner or smaller cuts that will take less time to cook. Try gourmet sausages, thin cuts of steak, or chicken cutlets. The key is that the food should be fancier than your average hot dog barbecue dinner, but easy to handle and faster to cook. Keep appetizers and side dishes simple too. Make at least one or two of your side dishes ahead of time.

Pick at least one person who will man the grill and will not mind missing most of the reception. You could also assign the duty to people who could take it by turns. Another option is to hire someone specifically for the job.

Pick and chill the beverages ahead of time. Place bottled drinks in ice-filled tubs. If you are serving alcohol, you could have punches, champagne, or sangrias. Again, you will need someone to take charge of this department.

For a wedding cookout, a propane grill is probably far more suitable. It is faster and requires less attention. Remember also to get a large grill. You could hire one as well. Depending on the type of grill you are using, have enough charcoal or propane to last out the grilling. Consider carefully the amount of food you will be grilling to make sure you have enough supplies.

Take the help of the youngsters in the family to set up reception tables and chairs and to take them down afterwards.

Watch out for the weather forecast. It’s always best to have a backup plan in case of rain. Arrange for canopies to cover the grill and the reception tables.

Good planning is the key to having a wonderful wedding cookout. So good luck and good cheer!

Source by Cherie Rasmussen