Douching With Tea Tree Oil for the Vaginal Yeast Infections

A friend asked me if my yeast infections are also there almost 100% of the time. She just feels as though she is the only person that has gone through this, but it is a relief to know she is not alone. She also asked two questions:

1) How long should you douche with Tea Tree Oil?
2) Is there a specific allergy test to refer to?

Well, I had the infection 100% all the time and it was so stressful! The other thing I have to mention is that you may want to be tested for diabetes and hypoglycemia. Chronic yeast infections can also be a sign of blood sugar problems, which candida can help cause, too. It is especially if blood sugar problems run in your family like mine.

Regarding the tea tree oil, personally I was using it once or twice a week for about a month. You might want to ask a naturopath what would be right for you. I also bought the depositories at the health food store, and that seemed to help as well.

As far as the allergy test, the one I took was the sage test, but I think there are other tests you can do. You could do it naturally on your own, but it would take tons of time and planning. The test I took tests 50-100 common foods and it tests for delayed reaction, meaning that you find what could be a problem a few hours to a day later which is harder to detect. I was blown away to find out I was allergic to Spinach! There were some other good ones to know. When I stopped eating them, the yeast pretty much stopped. I find it funny that the yeast is now my indicator for when I am eating something bad my body will be saying “no way!”

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Source by Angie Lindsey