Five Mistakes a Wine Drinker Should Avoid

Drinking wine is an art that every wine lover should master. Yes, it’s true that how a wine tastes depends on the drinker, but if you want to enjoy your glass of wine even more, you need to be familiar with the common mistakes of drinking wine and avoid them.

Drinking Wine too Hot or Too Cold

As an enthusiast, you probably understand that the temperature of your drink has a significant effect on how it tastes. Drinking wine too hot or too cold is not really a problem many people commit, but is something you should be aware of. Cold wine can be really refreshing, but you have to avoid over chilling your drink because it will not only affect the aroma of the wine, but its flavors as well, making your drink smell and taste dull. Wine stored and served in very high temperature, on the other hand, can make the wine fell soft and is also a big no-no.

Not Letting Wine Breathe

You have probably wondered at some point why the last glass of wine from a bottle of Penfolds Grange or Cabernet Sauvignon is always the best. Well, that is no coincidence at all because as you let the bottle breathe for some time, you actually help stimulate the development of soft tannins in the drink as well as its aromas. The next time you open a bottle, give it a few minutes to breathe before taking a drink.

Not Choosing the Right Glassware

Your glassware of choice does matter when it comes to drinking wine. It is always best to use simpler, smaller glassware, but there are times when you need a bigger bowl that will give enough room for the drink to swirl and for its aroma to accumulate.

Not Letting the Wine Rest

According to experts, wines that have traveled need to rest in order for them to show their potential. Whatever the scientific explanation for this phenomenon is, letting your drink rest when it just came from a long travel will prevent travel shock that may cause it to taste dull and uninteresting.

Not Drinking It with a Good Food Partner

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to pairing food and wine. However, some combinations are just better than others. This is where the importance of learning how to match wine with the key food flavors come in. Learn what types of wine to pair with a sweet, spicy, smoky, salty, and savory dinner and you will enjoy your drink more.

Source by Andrew G Connor