Food on a Cocktail Stick – 5 Combinations Perfect For Kids Parties

Cocktail sticks are the perfect way to serve food when aiming for a successful kids birthday party, (as long as they are not so young that they poke themselves in the eye of course). Naturally to appreciate the flavors they are best eaten in one mouthful, but kids are less adventurous, particularly when young, so it is important that the individual ingredients, which I think you will find all of these will, appeal to the palettes of our little picky eaters.

Below are my favorite cocktail stick combinations which are always a hit at my own parties.

The ingredients listed are in order of spiking.

#1 Hawaiian Pizza

o Cube of ham or concertinaed strip

o Piece of canned pineapple

o Cube of cheddar cheese

#2 Bangers & Mash (serve hot or cold)

o Piece of sausage, the regular kind, not the hot dog variety

o Dip into tomato sauce (ketchup)

o Piece of roasted potato or oven baked potato gem

Tip: If you use roasted potato you can cut them to provide a flat base for standing up, if using a potato gen just spike in the reverse order so that the sausage piece provides an even base for standing upright.

#3 Banana Pillows

o Thick slice of banana (tossed in lemon to prevent browning)

o Dip in chocolate sauce

o Whole marshmallow

#4 Cheeseburger Balls

o Piece of cheese, I use mozzarella

o Meatball, homemade or the pre packaged variety

o Dip in tomato sauce (ketchup)

o Small square of toast

Tip: Personally I like to pop the piece of cheese on the meatball and then melt under the grill before constructing. And, if you fancy a bit of a more grownup flavor then rub a clove of garlic that has been cut in half over the bread before toasting too, so so yummy.

I’ve left my personal favorite till last. Every single party my mother ever threw for us kids had these, hence the name Blast From the Past, so they always bring out the childhood memories for me. Perhaps they are a strange English party treat because I have certainly had a few weird looks from parents at the parties I have thrown for my own kids here in Australia, but trust me they are totally delish, and if per chance the kids don’t like them, you can put your feet up at the end of the party and joyfully scoff the lot.

#5 Blast from The Past

o Half a glazed cherry

o Piece of canned pineapple

o Cube of cheddar cheese

One day I aspire to put the entire party menu on a stick, hmm, now that has really go the creative juices flowing.

Source by Sarah Gasu