How to Clean Avocado Stains

A football match on TV, guacamole and tortilla chips, hubby and his greedy friends: a combination that can lead to accidents. The main problem with an avocado stain in that if it is left it will oxidize and eventually turn a nasty grey black colour. Once this has happened, the stain is almost impossible to remove. Remember, for a good chance of removal, you must act quickly.

General directions:

Gently scrape the solids off with a blunt knife, taking care not to spread the stain. Follow the directions below for specific fabrics.


Apply bissel OxyKIC or white wizard to the stain. Working from the outside inwards, gently soak up the stain with a white paper towel or a clean, white, lint free cloth. Don’t drench the stain – it’s better to make repeated small applications than to completely flood the area. Continue until the stain has completely disappeared. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and blot up as much water as possible with more paper towels. Leave to dry. If any traces remain, a complete carpet shampoo may do the trick.

Washable fabrics:

After scraping, dampen the mark with cool water and gently rub in a little washing up liquid. Allow to stand for five minutes or so, then rinse with more cold water. For cotton follow with a 40 degree machine wash, using biological detergent. For silk, follow with a 30 degree machine wash on the delicates cycle.

Dried on stains:

Try treating with dylon stain solve before machine washing as normal.

Source by David T Taylor

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