How To Make Ice Cream Shaped Like Watermelon

Summer is here and everyone likes the idea of ice cream. If you are throwing a dinner party or just having some friends over for dinner, you will amaze them when you bring out this ice cream dessert. It looks like a watermelon, even when you slice it. It even has the ‘seeds’. It is easy to make and so impressive.


Lime Sherbet, softened

Raspberry Sherbet, softened. Or you can use cherry or strawberry. It just needs to be red or pink in color.

mini chocolate chips

Line a large mixing bowl with the softened Lime Sherbet. Think of this lining as the skin of the watermelon. Don’t make it too thick, but don’t make it too thin either.

Next, mix the chocolate chips with the raspberry sherbet and fill in the rest of the bowl. The red or pink sherbet is the inside of the watermelon and the mini chocolate chips are the watermelon seeds.

Seal the bowl and refreeze the sherbet watermelon. Once the sherbet has refrozen, remove the seal and turn the bowl upside down onto a large plate. Use a warm towel on the bottom of the bowl to help the ice cream release. Slice the “watermelon” and serve. When served, each piece will look like a slice of watermelon and taste yummy, too.

Source by Donna Rivera