How to Prevent Disease With Healing Gourmet

The Healing Gourmet seven book series is a product that is based on the theory that you are what you eat and modern day food and eating habits are making many of us seriously ill or at least contributing to it. Read on for a review of this product.

There are five damaging aspects of modern day diets outlined in the series as follows:

1. Inflammation: known as the quiet killer and the cornerstone of degenerative disease and physical aging.

2. Glycation: over consumption of carbohydrates or foods prepared in a certain way.

3. Oxidation: it happens naturally but if left unchecked can cause rapid physical aging and chronic disease.

4. Depletion: a deficiency of key nutrients that can damage human DNA in a similar way to exposure to radiation.

5. Toxification: caused by a shortage of nutrients in our food and greater exposure to harmful toxins through chemicals in water and taking of medicines for example.

The seven book Healing Gourmet series claims to give you hundreds of tips on how to prevent these problems. This includes what is referred to as life-saving information and advice based on research and claimed to be scientifically proven.

You also receive lifetime membership to the Gourmet Health website. This includes over 1,500 healing recipes with every recipe providing full nutritional information on all key ingredients. There are hundreds of articles explaining how different foods and nutrients protect you against disease; along with encyclopaedias; a personalized recipe search and other information.

At this stage, the Healing Gourmet series is on sale for a one-time fee of $US67. A 60 day 100 per cent money back guarantee accompanies the deal. The product appears to provide a lot of useful information at what is a reasonable price and I have not seen any bad reviews about Healing Gourmet.

Source by Anthony Parker