Ice Cream Trailer Equipment Guide

The ice cream trailer, van, or truck is known for its musical chime as it drives down the block of your local neighborhood. Children and adults alike all enjoy these frozen treats and now anyone can enjoy the profits that come with this. There are many variations of the concession trailer but most agree that they are eye catching there is no doubt that everyone knows they one is in the area.

Here we will discuss the concession trailer’s restaurant equipment that is needed to successfully operate an ice cream trailer. Please understand that not all equipment is required but this will give a good understanding of the various applications that can be used.

Refrigeration is a major component of this frozen treat machine and of this the winner is the freezer. Depending on the demand of the product it may be expected to have a small amount of storage to far above average. Anything from a cold plate, dry ice chest, or even a deep chest freezer will suffice, though it is possible to even use a upright commercial reach-in freezer if necessary, as long as space is available.

This type of mobile kitchen would not be much without the simple ice cream cone. Although this will require the soft serve machine which is a large bulky machine that can take up much needed room. It is a necessary sacrifice though as it would be a shame not to have one.

Alternative equipment that is not exactly ice cream can be an added benefit to your business to help increase profits. The shaved ice or snow cone machine is a fan favorite and when added to the mix can increase your customer base with an ice cream trailer. The next piece of commercial equipment is the frozen drink or shake machine. Like the snow cone machine, it is not categorized with ice cream but it is a favorite none the less. These alternatives can help to reach out to those who do not typically purchase from this type of concession trailer.

Once your concession equipment and supplies have been set up then it is time to locate your food vendors for ice cream, snow cone syrup, frozen drinks, etc. They are not typically too hard to find and with a little digging you should be ready to go in no time.

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Source by LJ Lee