Information on Gluten-Free Cake Recipes: What You Should Know About the Gluten Free Diet

Remember the time when you first discovered you have celiac disease? Remember how you scrambled at the food types that are good as well as bad for you? Looking for gluten free cake recipes can be frustrating. It is no laughing matter that such cake recipes were practically non-existent a few years ago. Even now, just take a look the ingredients on the grocery shelves. It is still hard to look for some gluten-free products, much more if you are looking for ingredients for your gluten-free cake recipes. Admit it, gluten-free cake mixes are hard to find. So it is better to have your own gluten-free cake recipe on hand, right?

Not that you are looking for the best gluten free cake, a simple chocolate cake would do without the pain.

Let’s begin with some Gluten Diet 101

Why do you need to have a gluten-free diet, anyway? Gluten is that protein you find in wheat, something that most people use almost every day. It is also found in other kinds of food that most people eat, like barley, rye and malt. Gluten is such a versatile protein that it has been used as a thickening agent as well as a stabilizer in many kinds of food. But all of these changes when you have celiac disease.

A gluten-free diet is a must. Who would have known?

What happens when a person with gluten sensitivity eats food loaded with it? Well, your small intestines get all flared up and malabsmorption happens. What happens next? Technically, you don’t get to absorb those important nutrients that your body needs. Most people who have this kind of sensitivity may experience diarrhea as well stunted growth.

So, what should eat?

Fresh produce. You are just in luck when you have a love affair with fruit and vegetables. These do not contain gluten so have your fill. Choose fresh ones. You know what that means- nutrients, baby!

Meat? Sure! As plain as you can see the chicken, beef or pork. One thing is for sure, though- everything changes when there are seasonings involved. Add broths to the list and you get the perfect recipe gluten sensitivity attack.

You decided to go vegan to spare yourself from gluten. But gluten lurks almost every nook and cranny. Tofu is one. Look out for those that have flavorings. Gluten may mask itself in the flavorings.

What kinds of starches are good for you?

Potatoes. All kinds are good for y’all.

Rice. Plain rice would do you good. That is the good news. Just stick to plain old rice. Once you buy the ones with flavors, you might be doomed with the symptoms.

How about dairy and cheese?

Casein, lactose and whey. They sound great but many people with celiac disease are sensitive even to these proteins. Better have yourself tested for hypersentivity if you have felt the symptoms.

Here’s the good news: yoghurt is good for you. Just make it plain. Cheese is also in neutral ground. Look for flavor ad-ons, though.

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Source by Christopher Praizner