Jamaican Foods For Seduction

Jamaican foods for seduction are everywhere. Many come to the island of Jamaica and fall in love with the food because of its taste but also because of the seductive feel some foods bring. Foods for flirting, as local herbalists say, include hot peppers, which get the heart pumping and induce sweating. The typical Jamaican, Caribbean, and African person loves spicy foods. The Jamaican hot pepper is such an important spice in Jamaican cooking that most people grow their own while others ensure that it is on the supermarket list. Apart from pepper, many foods in Jamaica are said to be aphrodisiacs; one popular natural food is the Irish Moss drink.

Irish Moss is concocted and often sold by Rastafarian’s and those who indulge in natural living. Jamaican Reggae superstar Bob Marley helped to popularize the drink and is said to have had his daily Irish Moss beverage with ginger and cinnamon (two spices also known to have aphrodisiac properties). Irish Moss is said to increase the libido and improve sexual function, so naturally most Jamaican men are lovers of the drink-for its taste but also for the promise of a healthier sexual lifestyle. For approximately the last three decades, Irish Moss has been bottled and sold in just about every Jamaican supermarket and remains a very popular drink.

Other foods in Jamaica which are said to increase the libido include starches such as yams and bananas, which contain chemicals that are mood-lifting and raise self-confidence. Carrots, another favorite, have the phallic appearance and their high-fiber content may induce sexual desire as well as improve the eyesight.

Shrimp is high in iodine, helping the thyroid gland and providing energy; ginger increases blood flow to the genitals; tomatoes are known as “love apples” and, as a sexual stimulant, keep the prostate healthy; apples, a temptation since Adam and Eve, are said to leave the eaters feeling more sexually powerful; pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium; beans produce L-dopa in the body, which in turn increases dopamine and libido; mangoes are rich in energy and vitamin C, and are said to be a seductively delicious fruit for anyone who enjoys them.

If you believe in the power of food and its ability to increase libido and aid in seduction, ensure that you eat some of the previous on your next trip to the island.

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Source by Maureen Wright-Evans