Mississippi Caramel Mud Cake


2-packages Caramels (about 100)

1⅓-cups Evaporated milk

2-sticks Butter, softened

2-tablespoons Cocoa

1-cup Coconut, shredded

16-ounces Marshmallow cream

2-cups Sugar

4-large Eggs

1-teaspoon Vanilla

1½-cups Chopped pecans


Preheat oven to 350°. Spray 9×13-inch baking pan with cooking spray with flour.

Combine the softened butter, cocoa, shredded coconut, sugar, eggs, vanilla and chopped pecans in a large mixing bowl. Bake at 350° for 40 minutes.

While cake is baking, unwrap caramels and place in medium saucepan along with 1⅓-cups of evaporated milk. Cook on low until caramels melt and mixture is creamy.

When the cake’s done remove from the oven and pour warm caramel evenly over hot cake and spread marshmallow cream evenly over warm caramel. Let cool; frost with chocolate frosting (see recipe below).

Ingredients and Instructions for Chocolate Frosting:

1-stick Butter

⅓-cup Cocoa

½-cup Evaporative milk

1-box Powdered sugar

1-teaspoon Vanilla

Combine butter, vanilla and evaporative milk in a small saucepan and cook on medium-low for 2 minutes; add cocoa then add powdered sugar a little at a time. Mix well; pour over cake and spread evenly.

Serves 12

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Source by Cristie Will