Occasions For Drinking Rose Wine

Most wine professionals and experienced people do not enjoy rose wine due to poor public view in the wine world. A rose is considered to be unsophisticated and plain. While this can be true sometimes, it is not necessarily a bad thing. You should drink wine for yourself, not for other people. If the wine snobs say rose is plain and unsophisticated, but you like it, then no one should stop you.

I like drinking rose in a few various settings. One for example, when it comes to ordering a full bottle of wine at a restaurant, but I am eating meat and my date is having fish. In that case, we’d have to order two separate bottles or order by the glass. Since a bottle is a much better deal than ordering by the glass in most cases, having rose is the most sensitive choice.

I also prefer rose for lunch, because a red seems too heavy. Some foods it goes well with are burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc for which white is too light, but red is too heavy. Rose has that nice happy medium, which is why so many people like drinking it for casual wine. It also goes quite well with pork, especially ham or salami. It is acidic enough to cut off the fat but not so strong that it completely distorts the taste of the meats.

Rose wine is also very good for picnics and warm summer months if you do not like white wine. It is much lighter and goes down easier than a strong full bodied red.

Source by Daniel Munteanu