One Of My Favourite Quick Pasta Recipes

Quick Pasta Recipes are very popular with many people, perhaps because of the little effort, low-cost, and variety of dishes you can turn out. The dish below is one of my favourite quick pasta recipes.

Quick Pasta Recipes are regarded by many as great dishes to prepare as they have many advantages. firstly, the low-cost, you can easily prepare a delicious lunch time meal or dinner for your family that costs next to nothing, but is still impressive, filling, and tasty. The simplicity of these dishes also works in their favour. Easy pasta dishes are also useful to people involved in sports, as pasta has the ability to release energy slowly, which is useful in gym sessions or endurance sports.

Flour, eggs, and water are the main ingredients in pasta, you could even make your own pasta if you desired! Pasta comes in many varieties, containing fillings like meat or tomatoes, by including spices and herbs, pasta even comes in a variety of colours by adding dye, this is mainly done for presentation.

There is also many different varieties of pasta that are used in different dishes. Such varieties are noodles, which can be used in soups or stir fries, flat wide sheets wich are used in dishes like Lasagne, spaghetti which is used in many italian dishes like Bolognaise, and there are many other different shapes and sizes! Such as Macaroni Cheese, there are also different types of fresh and dried pasta too. All of these different pasta provide different tastes and characteristics, and can be used by anyone to make simple delicious meals. An incredibly simple tuna pasta salad recipe:

What you’ll need to prepare this dish for 2 people:

-Can of tuna
-Sliced cucumber
-Rocket leaves
-1 chopped pepper
-8 halved cherry tomatoes
-Few spoonfuls of salad cream

Here’s the easy part:

-Follow the packets instructions to cook the pasta the way the want it (firm or soft)
-When the pasta is cooked, mix it with everything else and stir well
-Yes it’s that simple!

There you have it! An easily prepared, tasty meal for 2.

Source by Robbie JK Jones

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