History of Laffy Taffy – America’s Candy

For those who have no idea what I’m referring to, Laffy Taffy is a chewy candy that is one of the most famous candy brands in America. Outside America, taffy is also known as toffee. Either way, it’s sweet, sticky and extremely popular among big and small kids alike. The history of Laffy Taffy began

They Eat What! Latin America’s Most Exotic Foods – Part 1

They’re horrid, ghastly, gross, unthinkable, gut-wrenching, wonderful and delicious. These are but a few of the adjectives used to describe commonly eaten fare “south of the border” from Mexico to Peru. The expression, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” has never seen more fruition than evidenced in these “exotic” foods found throughout Latin America.

Cotton Burr Compost, is it America’s Best Compost?

In the world of composting, experts worldwide agree that The Soil Food Web (soilfoodweb.com) is the world’s leading authority in the field of compost research, testing, and grading of compost. Founded by noted researcher Dr. Elaine Ingham, the Soil Food Web has a network of laboratories around the world and is a leading advocate of

America’s Favorite Foods: Some Things Never Change

Americans are an interesting mix of cultures and cuisine aficionados. We love sushi, Chinese and Mexican food, Italian restaurants and designer coffee drinks, yet when it gets right down to it, there are few surprises. We buy the same basics which have been around for decades, mainly because we grow up on them, they’re served