Beef Vs Chicken – Which Protein is Best to Build Muscle?

The chicken breast as we all know is a tried and true muscle builder used by many professional fitness, bodybuilder, and figure competitors across the world. However, beef (specifically grass fed beef) has many muscle building benefits of its own, as many winning pro bodybuilders of the past contest to. In fact, there are many reasons

Indonesian Beef Rendang With Potato and Egg

Beef Rendang is very popular dish throughout Asia, originally it came from Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. It has rich flavour of coconut milk and other Indonesian traditional spices. The original recipe, it has a very spicy taste, but in this recipe, I reduce some of the chillies. If you think the amount of chillies in

Beef Stew Or Karne Asada – How To Make It

Karne Asada is the regional name for beef stew in the Philippines. Although, it is just the simple beef stew served on your dinner table but ingredients such as Patis, lemon juice, Maggi and Soy Sauce, and the method of preparation add a distinct Filipino taste to it. So, if beef is on the list

All About Bulgogi – Korean Beef

Bulgogi is popular Korean dish that is enjoyed by many all around the world. The word bulgogi is derived from two Korean words; bul means fire and gogi is the Korean term for meat. So a direct translation to bulgogi is fire meat. While Bulgogi sauce can be made spicy and hot, the fire refers