The Moral Case Against Global Warming Policies

How odd that someone would make a moral case against global warming. The trend is to promote it as a just cause. Global warming is presented as a problem that we should be doing all we can to fix or life as we know it will be no more. The so called “science” that supporters

A Restaurant Reviewers’s Worst Case Scenario

One of the most interesting things for a Restaurant Reviewer is having a pleasurable experience and then all of a sudden some unexpected thing occurs. After traveling around the United States and Canada for some 5-years I noticed that the service in some of the more respected restaurant chains was quite uneven. Meaning not only

Case Study: Digestive Issues and Traditional Chinese Medicine

BW came to me complaining of intense pain in his stomach and also along the left underside of his ribcage (which, incidentally, is called the ‘hypochondriac region’; ‘hypochondrium’ derived from the Greek word for ‘abdomen’). He said he had lost his appetite, and he was feeling very tired – pretty close to the point of