All You Need to Know About Cakes

It is a known fact that all the best cakes in the world also qualify to be as the best desserts in the world. There is no one on this planet who doesn’t have a liking for a hot and a delicious cake. It doesn’t matter what side you are on in the debate of

Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

Cheesecake may automatically make us think about the Golden Girls or The Cheesecake Factory, but soon it may bring weddings to mind instead. Cheesecake wedding cakes have taken receptions by storm for a few reasons: allergies, fun and originality. Let’s look at each of these. Food Allergies and Sensitivities The first and maybe most important

Best Ever Homemade Lemon Cheesecake

For some reason the humble cheesecake is something that every aspiring home chef seems to have troubles with at one point or another. Common problems include large cracks, burned top, lumpy filling, collapsed centers and the amazing shrinking cheesecake (cake shrinks around the outside). All of these problems tend to go away when the cheesecake

Edible Printouts For Your Cakes

Just how do those bakeries do the birthday cake printouts? Can I do this on my inkjet printer at home? I’ll answer those questions for you in this article. Printing on a sheet to overlay your birthday cake might seem like something you could not do at home. If you don’t want to eat that

A Look Into the Origin of Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is often a favorite dish, especially for Thanksgiving. Many folks that live in the South eat this sweet treat along with their turkey and dressing. But one may wonder where did the idea for this sweet vegetable pie come from? First and foremost, the sweet potato itself is a dicotyledonous plant. It

The History of Chocolate Chip Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie was invented by a lady named Ruth Wakefield in 1933 and like many great recipes today it was discovered completely by accident. Ruth was the owner of the Toll house Inn which was located in Whitman, Massachusetts which was a very popular place to take in some good home cooked meals.

How to Decorate Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are easy to make at home when you start with a great sugar cookie recipe. To ensure success, bring all of your ingredients to room temperature. Sift dry ingredients before adding to wet ingredients. Here is my favorite sugar cookie recipe. Basic Sugar Cookies 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 1 cup sugar 1/2

Quick Vegan Desserts For the Busy Parents

Vegans are faced with tough food choices everyday. A lot of times people seem to take things for granted. What is a no brainer for you, can be a tough hurdle to tackle for the vegan. With major grocers beginning to recognize the burgeoning growth of the vegan market, things are getting easier but their

Delicious No-Bake Cookie Recipes That Children Will Love

Everybody loves cookies. And nobody loves them as much as children do. While it’s fun to bake sweet treats from scratch, we don’t always have the time (or the patience!) to do so. That’s where the beauty of no-bake cookies comes in – they’re quick, easy and fuss-free! Best of all, they’re equally delicious to

3 Super Yummy Kid-Friendly Strawberry Desserts To Try At Home

Whether you’re a child or an adult, one simply cannot resist a sweet treat. Kids naturally have a sweet tooth, but too much sugar and empty calories aren’t ideal. So if you’re preparing them a snack or dessert, make sure you serve a something on the healthier side. Strawberries are a great choice to incorporate

The Difference Between Savoury and Sweet Foods

People prefer different flavours in their meals, which is the basis of sweet and savoury foods. So what is the basic difference between sweet and savoury? Sweet food is dominated by the taste of sugar or honey as in desserts, while savoury food is quite the opposite, full-flavoured, often sometimes spicy and associated with food

12 Recipes With Easy and Fast Green Tea

12 Recipes to prepare with green tea Green tea, without a doubt, is one of the infusions that has gained its prominence in its own right. In fact, its use far exceeds that of drinking it in a cup. Do you want to try it in another kind of recipe? Here you have neither more

The Wedding Reception Viennese Hour

A delightful wedding trend is recent years has been the Viennese hour. This event takes place at the reception following dinner and it is essentially a display of every delicious dessert that anyone could ever imagine. This is what you need to know to plan a fabulous Viennese hour for your wedding reception. Let’s face

Lactose Free Recipes – Desserts!

Are you looking for some lactose free recipes? Desserts being left out of the diet for those who are lactose intolerant is just wrong. I think just about everyone has a sweet tooth and just because your body and milk don’t get along doesn’t mean you have to go without. It’s tough enough searching for

4 Recipes for No Bake Pie Crusts

For no-bake pie crusts, you can experiment with just about any crispy ingredient as your base. Pretzels, potato chips or shortbread cookies come to mind. Before you start experimenting, here a 4 tested and proven to work no-bake pie crust recipes. These no-bake crusts are suitable for cream fillings or fillings cooked on the stove

Low-Sugar, Gluten Free Alternatives to Your Favorite Desserts

Yeah! Who doesn’t love homemade Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies? Well, these classic cookies are low in sugar & gluten free. They only have about 7 grams of focused carbs! See below how it’s done. Prep Time: Minutes to Prepare: 12 mins. Minutes to Cook: 12-14 mins. Number of Servings: 26 Ingredients:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe For The Toaster Oven

Last spring my organic seed supplier had a special on pie pumpkin seeds. Naturally, I decided to grow pie pumpkins for the first year ever. The five vines I planted produced over 100 pounds of pie pumpkins. This left me with a problem: I can only eat so many pumpkin pies. I can only give

Make the Best Cheesecake Ever – Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Say the word “cheesecake” and it rolls off the tongue, bringing with it associations of decadence and sweet, creamy goodness. In New York, it’s even “famous”. Yet many people opt to buy this time-honored dessert, thinking it must be complicated and time-consuming to make. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If cheesecake is a

New York Style Cheesecake Recipe

New York style cheesecake recipes are made with a combination of cream cheese and Italian cheese cakes made with ricotta cheese. In the early 1920’s, this particular silky style of cream cheese was developed in the New York area. New York style cheesecake recipes were introduced by Jewish delicatessens in New York City. Arnold Reuben

Different Types of Cheesecakes

If you think that cheesecake is cheesecake, then you’re either not a baker or have been living under a rock for your whole life. There are more kinds of cheesecake than Carter has liver pills, and he’s got plenty of them to go around. We’re not going to cover every type and style of cheesecake

How to Fix Your Cheesecake – A Troubleshooting Guide

A cheesecake should be relatively trouble free but occasionally problems do come up. Over the years, we’ve been asked the following questions. “What’s the easiest way to make crumbs for my crust?” Lots of folks use a food processor; we don’t bother. We use a heavy duty zipper-type plastic bag and crush the crackers or