A Chicken Pie Recipe With That Master Chef Touch

No one can resist a delicious pie. While apple pie usually ranks as the top favorite, chicken pie comes at a very close second. Why is a chicken pie recipe such a popular dish for homemaker and their families? For one, chicken pie can already be considered as a complete meal because of the proteins

Why Chef Hats Are Important

Uniforms in many occupations are important for a variety of reasons from making or giving a good impression, suggesting responsibility and producing a sense of unity in the workplace. Chef hats help to signify seniority in a kitchen and creating an air of respectability as well as having practical safety considerations. A chef hat is

Up The Food Chain: Becoming A Chef

Ready to turn your passion for the culinary arts into a career? Want to become a chef? Long hours, physical labor, and heavy competition don’t scare you? You may be a chef material! Before you decide to enroll in a culinary school, get some real experience in the restaurant. Cooking for a living in a