10 Reasons to Plant Organic

Nature, health, save money, no chemicals, better taste The following 10 reasons will definitely encourage you to plant organic products instead of using chemicals in your garden or farm. By sticking to the organic option, you are contributing, in a positive way, to the wellbeing of our planet. You need to plant organic products for

Bait Fishing – How to Catch Catfish in Reservoirs – Details Here!

Catfish in reservoirs is not a natural occurrence. Although bait fishing for catfish in reservoirs is booming today because of original stocking and migrations of native river catfish into the reservoirs. Reservoir building during the 1950’s, and 1960’s and still today, has opened up a vast water areas for catfisherman. The original habitat of channel

The Benefits of Having Good Negotiation Skills

If you’re interested in the benefits of possessing good negotiation skills chances are you are a business person, seeking to improve your skills, a timid person, fed up with being at the bottom of the food chain, or the type of person who just likes learning new things. Few people actually realize negotiating is nearly

Value Menu Medicine Is Here

Like one very large Mexican fast food chain and the creator of the ‘value menu’ concept, a lot of modern health care business centers and physicians from across the U.S. are now actually starting to show their prices to their customers (ie patients) before they see the doctor. Up until recently, primary care and health

Fiji – The New, Organic Culinary Hotspot

When I originally left Australia to work on one of Fiji’s iconic island resorts, I thought I’d be here for no more than 12 months. Train the locals, install new menus, sample the local cuisine and move on to the next assignment – probably to a more food-oriented Asia, as Fiji has never been known

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Organic Clothing and Bedding

Organic food has come a long way in the last few years. The reasons are not too difficult to figure: people have become more aware of health issues and they like their food to be as free as possible from pesticides, fertilizers and additives. But organic clothing? And bedding? Why would you bother to spend

Plastic Bag vs Paper Bag Facts – What is Best?

Growing concern over the waste of plastic and paper bags has many people puzzled over what is the right thing to choose. Here are the facts. The US uses about 100 billion plastic bags per year according to the EPA, and less that 2% are recycled. Virgin resin to make the bags costs less than

Restaurant Review: Nirula’s Yummy Kebabs for Your Tummy

For some months now Nirula’s has been experimenting with special items on the menu. While it could be sacrilegious for someone like Nirula’s to tinker around with its regular menu, Delhi’s homegrown food chain has been offering Specials in the form of food fests for some time now. Close on the heels of its Thali

Organic Cotton – Am I Bothered?

When you talk to anyone who is interested in health and fitness issues they are generally aware of the concept and ideas behind the organic food market. But conversely there is very little consciousness of agricultural products which are grown to provide textiles and the methods involved. We tend to forget that clothes come from

Slider Foods Spell Weight Regain For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

For most people eating sliders is a good thing. Popularized by the American food chain, White Castle, a slider (originally slyder) is a miniature grilled hamburger or cheeseburger on a steamed bun often served with onions and dill pickle and other condiments. They originally sold for a nickel a piece in the 1940s making it

Smoking Facts – Nicotine Is Good For Your Health!

Don’t believe it is? Well medical research proves it is read on and find out why. Smoking is bad for you. We know that, it kills million however a smoking fact that is true and backed up by medical research is that nicotine in its pure form is safe, non toxic, part of the natural

A Complete Guide For Restaurant Real Estate Investments

Restaurants are a favorite commercial property for many investors because: Tenants often sign a very long term, e.g. 20 years absolute triple net (NNN) leases. This means, besides the rent, tenants also pay for property taxes, insurance and all maintenance expenses. The only thing the investor has to pay is the mortgage, which in turn

Philippine Food – A Food Lover’s Guide

When it comes to food the Philippines has it all — a fabulous mix of foreign cuisine plus its own mouth-watering delicacies. Background As a result of its successful mix of Eastern and Western cultures and cuisine, the Philippines is considered the melting pot of Asia. Philippine food is the result of Malay, Spanish, and

Organic Smorganic

“SMORGANIC?” Is that a word? It was in my house before repeated discussion and comparison changed Butch’s and Tabby’s mind. I think it was the difference in the taste of fresh organic produce that eventually convinced them that not only was organic food better for the human body but it was also good for the

Top 10 Chain Restaurants With the Best Gluten-Free Options

Sometimes it is hard to go out to eat with a restricted diet, but many popular restaurants now make it easier to go out to eat with gluten-free menus or modifications to your meals. The following restaurants, in my opinion, are the best gluten-free chain restaurants based on the amount of options they have, as

Top Christian Wealth Building Book Review Of Wealth: Is It Worth It?

By: S. Truett Cathy (2011) Published by Looking Glass Books, Inc., 730 Sycamore St. Decatur, Georgia 30030. ISBN 978-1-929619-40-5 Book Price: $20.00 Founder of a successful billion dollar food chain Truett Cathy is the founder of a successful billion dollar food chain. No overnight success story, Cathy worked with his wife, Jeannette, for twenty-one years

Impact of Chemical Pesticides

What are the impacts of chemical pesticides? They have offered advances in agriculture and the minimization of disease, but there are also serious problems that the world may never recuperate from. There are three main areas affected: the Environment, Mankind and the Future Food Supply. The Environment Chemical pesticides damage, destroy and kill with the

The Advantages and Disadvantage of Opening a Restaurant Franchise

When I talk about running a franchise business, most people automatically assume I’m talking restaurant franchises. That’s because most franchises in the food industry are wildly successful and in turn growing in numbers and popularity. You’ll be hard pressed to find independent restaurants at all anymore due to the success of food franchises. The best

Photosynthesis – Food Chain

What do plants and animals need to grow? Almost all plants and animals need air, water, light, and nutrition to grow. Green plants use a complicated chemical process, called photosynthesis, to create energy for survival and growth. Since plants create their own energy, they are the first link in the food chain. Animals need to

Up The Food Chain: Becoming A Chef

Ready to turn your passion for the culinary arts into a career? Want to become a chef? Long hours, physical labor, and heavy competition don’t scare you? You may be a chef material! Before you decide to enroll in a culinary school, get some real experience in the restaurant. Cooking for a living in a