Is the Focus T25 Workout Program Right for You?

My serious fitness journey started with a phone call from a TV station wanting to interview me. I had raised money for veterinary expenses for dogs injured by the 2014 Vilonia tornado. My first thought was, “I’m in terrible shape! I can’t possibly go on TV!” Terribly vain and self-absorbed, but 100% true! When I

Guidelines To Pick The Best Wedding Cakes

I guess everyone would agree with me when I say that the wedding cake plays a very crucial role in a wedding. Therefore, selecting a cake for the wedding is a huge responsibility. But, this is something that you procrastinate until the last minute. And in those last moments, with the pe-wedding jitters, an increase

Could Eggs Be Causing Your Migraines?

Most migraine sufferers will commonly identify “Cheese, red wine and chocolate” as the most common culprits to cause their problem. But in 1979 a surprising study on migraine in the renowned Lancet journal revealed that eggs are implicated as triggers(1). In reality, eggs are a very common allergen. They are also one of the most

The ‘Postman’ Weight Loss Plan!

This article is aimed at those of you who have a weight problem and want to lose weight. I know what it feels like to struggle with a weight issue having tried countless diets and weight loss plans. Like so many people I have always preferred the flavours and the comfort of the wrong types

EzGro Garden Product Review

If you’re new to gardening and are looking for an easy way to grow organic food, I have the perfect solution for you. In this article I will give you a real-life EzGro Garden review. This was the first hydroponic system my family ever used. We were complete novices when we purchased the EzGro garden.

15 Top Tips to Save Money

When I ask people what their financial goals are, saving money is always in the top 3. But they also tell me that they don’t know how, or they don’t have any good ideas. Well, good news – I’ve done the work for you and I hope to challenge your thinking. Now, wouldn’t you rather

McDonalds Business Analysis

‘In the 1990s managers will be judged on their ability to identify, cultivate, and exploit the core competencies that make growth possible – indeed, they’ll have to rethink the concept of the corporation it self.’ C K Prahalad and G Hamel 1990 Organizations do not exist in vacuum. They operate within a competitive industrial environment.

When Science and Myth Converge

The dictionary meaning of ‘myth’ is suppose to be a ‘traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, esp. one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature’. Very often we

8 Life Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus

Are there life lessons to be learned during this pandemic? You bet. Albeit, it isn’t over yet. President Donald Trump warned last week that the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. will probably “get worse before it gets better.” Yup, kinda figured that out. The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon and, once again, this pandemic is

Silence Is Golden-An Impromptu Speech

As a member of Rostrum, the English equivalent of the American Toastmasters, I was often asked to do an impromptu speech, lasting three minutes with just three minutes to prepare. One such speech was titled “Silence is Golden” and it was part of the club’s annual speaking championships. There are many ways to plan an

Hitchhike Aboard Sailboats!

How can you sail the world without ever owning, or buying a boat? Hitchhike aboard sailboats of course! Would you like unlimited adventure, see places hard to access, dive in reefs in far off places, enjoy different cultures and learn new skills all on a tight budget! In some rare instances even getting paid for

My Introduction to Permaculture

My first introduction to Permaculture happened before I even knew there was such a system. As a teenager with a keen interest in horticulture, watching neighbours, friends and family removing trees from their property and loading them onto (often) several trailer loads and taking them to the tip. Then within days seeing a truck deliver

How to Run an Ethical Business

I want to address the subject of the damage we can do to our business unless we diligently follow ethical practices and treat our clients as our first priority. I have noticed that clients appear to have been relegated to ‘nuisance’ status in some companies – people either to be ignored or put on hold

Caring Shielding and Surviving

I am currently looking after and caring for a 99 year-old, whilst shielding from this frightful virus. I must say the combination makes it the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I have survived 3 marriages and their traumas. I have brought up a family single-handed without maintenance and support. Survived injury

Looking After Your Family in a Disaster

A disaster scenario is not the easiest idea to cope with in the beginning, people generally are avoiding this subject as being too remote probabilistically speaking to even consider it. But, if you think about it, taking care of your family in a disaster scenario should be your number one priority. And also, if you’re

Life on the Road – A Couple of Typical Days

I got a welcome laugh on a rainy day as I passed Toad Suck Park at exit 129B on I-40 in Arkansas. The legend behind Toad Suck is that it was a popular place for bargemen, traveling the Arkansas River, to pull over and drink rum and moonshine. They are said to have “sucked on

If the Preacher Doesn’t Impress You

This is a sermon I wish to preach one day… if a church would let me… My aim today is to convince you that my work in preaching is done, here, today, even if you don’t enjoy it or aren’t inspired by it. Even if you don’t like it. And I warn you, you may

The Red Zone at Grave Risk in Italy, Second Wave Covid-19!

Well, I’m in the ‘Red Zone’, a zone that is literally at grave risk! As of the 3rd of November 2020, the Italian government has given new ‘anti-Covid-19’ restrictions, such as curfews and closures, which are most vital in the Red Zone. These restrictions apply to citizens, tourists, and non-citizen permanent residents. It surprised most

Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once a Month Cooking Review

Do you have the right ingredients for cooking the family meal tonight? Or have you just walked into the kitchen wondering what you are going to cook and feeling like it is just another chore to tackle? This is how so many people feel because their lives are so full and busy. The last meal

Going Vegan: 7 Insights From My First Year

Well, this week officially marks my first year of going “vegan”. I emphasize the word because to some people, it can also mean cutting everything animal based out of your life, like clothing and furniture. However when I say it, I pretty much mean that I cut out meat and dairy from my diet. I

Benefits of Using an Online Florist to Send Flowers

Benefits of Using an Online Florist for Online Flower Delivery The modern consumer is looking for fast, reliable and cost-effective service in every sphere of their lives. That is why more and more consumers are using online retailers for just about anything, right from fast food and furniture shopping to holiday gifts and grocery shopping.

Romantic Date Ideas

This may be one of your last chances to spend a romantic evening with your significant other before you have your blessed baby. Spend the day pampering yourself and put on your favorite maternity dress – even if you have to buy one. Feeling good about yourself affects your attitude and you deserve to feel

5 Lessons From India

Incase you missed it, I was just in India giving a TEDx talk and decided to make a trip out of it with my 12 year-old son, Jude. It was a trip of a lifetime, and we had the best time with Jude even wanting to stay! I’m so grateful for our time there and

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem diet is a well-known weight loss meal delivery diet that focuses on comfort foods like chocolate ice cream, pasta, burgers and lasagna to help you lose weight. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack every day – plus veggies and fruit that you can add in yourself. Not sure about the Nutrisystem

What is a Food Writer?

The Incident During a recent vacation trip when I was asked, “What do you do?” I casually answered, “I’m a food writer.” “What’s a food writer?” the gentleman responded. Not thinking for even a moment, I blurted out the obvious, “A food writer is a person who writes about food.” Reflecting a moment, I recovered

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream – How Did It All Start?

There is an ice cream stand located in almost every town. Ice cream has become very popular in America and many companies have made a fortune out of making the tasty dessert. One of the most famous companies is Ben and Jerry’s. Ben and Jerry’s started off small and grew into an American fortune company,

Reflections on 2020

I’m sure that many of us started this year toasting the new decade, excited and full of enthusiasm. This was going to be ‘our time’, full of promise and potential. Well, that certainly didn’t work out as anticipated! And so, when for many of us everywhere has been closed or only available with limited, restricted

6 Must-See Dallas-Fort Worth Shopping Malls

Some of my out-of-town friends ask me which of the DFW malls are the best to visit when they come in for a shopping weekend. That’s kind of like asking, “Which of your children do you love the most?” I like them all. It’s hard for me to choose, since they each have a particular

Why So Many Restaurants Were Unprepared to Deal With The Pandemic – From a Marketing Point Of View

First of all, my heart goes out to all restaurant owners, I understand that the last year has been incredibly difficult. That being said I have a few thoughts from a marketing perspective. Before the pandemic, my experience was I saw very few restaurants doing strategic long-term marketing planning. Most were doing inconsistent, haphazard marketing.

Quizno’s Sandwich Company

Quizno’s is the second leading sub shop company today; Subway is the first leading shop. Quizno’s does have other competitors such as Blimpie’s and Jerry’s Subs; however, Subway is Quizno’s primary competitor. The Subway website reads, “Subway is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 30,000 restaurants in 87 countries.” (Subway History 2009).

Pros and Cons of Eating Nuts

Who says that small things can’t be special? At least, this is not the case with nuts. In fact, these small packages are powerhouses of healthy nutrients for your daily nutrition. Although they are super rich health foods, yet there are many myths related to them. Despite scientific claims and facts, many people still believe

Ramadan 2016 – Complete the Fasting Until the Sunset

Ramadan is the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar, commemorating the appearance of the Archangel Jibril (Gabriel) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the revelation to the Prophet of the opening verses of the Quran. Around the world, followers of Islam wait, in eager anticipation, for the onset of Ramadan when they will once again

An Enlightening Bus Ride I’ll Never Forget

Introduction Education is the key for one to succeed in life. Knowing how to read and knowing how to write are necessary skills to gain knowledge. Poverty may be an obstacle. A driving force within a person is a point mark to change his or her life. But if a person is determined in his

Major Advantages Of Online Food Ordering For Restaurants

Online food ordering has seen a great rise at an accelerated pace and, being a restaurant owner, you should also rise with this latest trend to keep yourself in the competition. It’ll not only expand your customer base but help you grow faster than before in the cut-throat market competition. In today’s era of the

Stay Away From These High Alcoholic Drinks

Trying to get a beach body and still want some party antics on the weekend? Try some of these lighter choices instead of the full fat variety. Drink wisely We love to get tipsy in most special occasions these days, it just makes most events more interesting and unless you’re at your nana’s party, you’re

How Much is the Monthly Payment on Nutrisystem?

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who asked me how much her monthly payment would be if she signed up for Nutrisystem. After having a dialogue with her, it became evident that she thought that a contract was required with Nutrisystem. There isn’t. The price that you will pay each month will vary depending

Tomme De Savoie: A Healthy Cheese Delight

Have you ever heard of the Tomme de Savoie cheese? Now let me ask you, is it possible that a certain cheese can actually take you back to the place where it is made? The answer is yes, there is a cheese that can take you to a foreign place like a distinct photograph in

Forget Hybrids – Cut Your Carbon Footprint by Eating Less Meat!

“It’s one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.” That’s what a United Nations report concluded in 2006 when evaluating meat consumption worldwide. In North America, we love our meat-whether it’s a lazy summer barbecue or a regular meat and

Semolina Fish Fry

Almost every weekend we have house parties. Friends coming over for food and drinks often makes me think of offering them something new and interesting. I used to serve packaged food most of the times but considering their ill effects on health, finally made me get into the kitchen and take things into my hands.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Wink Frozen Dessert

Don’t buy Wink Frozen Dessert without reading this review. This vegan, no fat, no sugar diet food gets two enthusiastic thumbs and eight fingers way way down. Unfortunately Wink Frozen Dessert is classified as food. Last night I had a pint of their Dark Chocolate. When I looked at the ingredients list, the two only

Vitalicious 100 Calorie Snacks

Have you ever heard of a company called Vitalicious? Let me tell you all, not just dieters, but those looking for nutritious snacks, Vitalicious has one for you! Vitalicious sent me a variety pack to review and I was overwhelmed with their generosity. I did not know where to start and my husband and daughter

Are Smoothies Low Calorie?

In recent months my body is obese and needs weight reduction for good health. Joining a gym has helped and since becoming a member 8 kilograms of weight has disappeared. But there is more going on than exercise. To start with my diet has been adjusted and sugar and salt is excluded now as much

Online Diet Food Delivery Services

Thank goodness there are online diet food delivery service for all of us who do not have the time or the energy to go grocery shopping and/or to cook complex meals at home. We’ve got an amazing choice of companies that will send delicious food right at your doorstep. All you have to do is