Mustard Aficionado

Web search the history of mustard to learn that its use has been traced back to mustard seed residue found in stone age cooking bowls. Over 5600 varieties of mustard have been catalogued. Mustard has a history as a medicine that is as long as its history as a food ingredient or as a condiment

Online Food Ordering System – An Overview

Conventionally speaking, it is customary of local restaurants and eating joints to distribute their pamphlets, flyers and brochures to advertise the newly opened or already established service outlet(s) in your vicinity. Hope you can already recall a detailed menu printed on a compact four page, lying at your doorstep or portico every other day, encouraging

Polish Christmas Eve Traditions and Food for Wigilia Dinner

Traditional Polish Christmas Eve Dinner (Wigilia) In Poland, Christmas eve is a very important night for gathering with the family, decorating and remembering lost loved ones. This night is traditionally called “Wilgilia” (the vigil) and it is a night where people symbolize awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ (which in effect brings more importance to

The Secret Ingredient

Commonly, both renowned chefs, and anyone who possesses the skills to cook, will not accurately part with the complete list of ingredients and/or the method to replicate a recipe for a popular food dish. The reasons for that are many. The acclaimed dish may be a centerpiece on the restaurant menu. The preparer believes that

How is Imperial Formosa Oolong Tea Graded?

If you’re new to oolong teas, you must give them a try. Oolong teas are flavorful and fragrant, with a more complex taste than you’ll find in many other tea varieties. And, Imperial Formosa Oolong tea is one of the best oolong teas available. It’s unlikely you’ll find an oolong tea with more flavor or

The 2010 Food Pyramid

The new 2010 food pyramid that was recently released by the United States Department of Agriculture makes a lot of sense. Unlike previous food pyramids, it is much more user friendly and easier to understand. The graphics for the old pyramid were viewed as a hierarchy chart whereas the new food pyramid of 2010 is

Food Lectins in Health and Disease: An Introduction

In recent years it appears there is a rising epidemic of people suffering from chronic digestive and autoimmune conditions. Food intolerance or sensitivities may lie at the root of the problem. Most people, including doctors, have little clue how foods they eat may be contributing to their chronic illness, fatigue and digestive symptoms. There are,

Sparkling Wine – How Bubblies of the World Are Created (And Enjoyed)

“In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat, you need it.” – Napoleon Bonaparte Champagne was not only made popular by such great quotes, but also by celebrity endorsements or excesses. It’s no secret that Agent 007 James Bond always had a strong penchant for Bollinger Champagne (and vodka). And it has been reported that Marilyn

Cooking Tips That Work Very Well With All Sorts of Food

Most individuals aren’t born cooks. Everyone gets the capability to learn to cook though.You can find very vital things you need to know to become a good cook. Within these text will give some very nice tips about how to get yourself going on the path of amazing cooking. If you work with metal skewers,

Mint Tea – Fresh From The Garden

Mint has been enjoyed as a tea for many years, both as a refreshment and as an herbal medicine. Since mint is a strong flavor, it can be used alone, or as a flavoring for tea or herbal teas. Mint is also often used as a garnish for tea, adding a fresh sprig to the

Weight Loss With the Nigerian Diet

You might have noticed that here in Nigeria it is quite difficult to get the right type of food to incorporate in our diets since our foods are not really found on the web. Which foods to eat to help us lose weight and burn fat, and which foods to avoid. Generally we would try

Windex and Food: Imperfect Together!

As tempting as it may be to use, Windex or any similar type product can be a hazard to use in the vicinity of food products, particularly cutting boards. If you do not have the proper sanitizer available, a certain “secret” common household item will suffice. Please read on to find out how you can

Online Organic Food Store

If you have been looking for a new online endeavor that can serve to be very useful, why not think about starting up an online organic food store? The organic food business has been booming as of late, as people are starting to see the benefits of better eating and a healthier lifestyle. One of

Proper Freshwater Crayfish Care

Having pet crayfish can be a pretty fun hobby. Especially if you have one of the pretty electric blue crayfish. Well those are my favorite anyway. When getting started with crayfish however, you want to make sure you have a good understanding of freshwater crayfish care. The Crayfish Habitat Crayfish are pretty low maintenance. They

A Little More Unknown Facts About Cowhides

It is not a common known fact that Hair On Cowhides derive from the Food Chain industry. Most every cow hide comes from either Argentina or Brazil, the two leading countries that are known to produce the finest quality cow hides in the world, also supplying the world with majority of our meat. We are

10 Lessons We Can Learn From Honeybees

We can learn many things by observing the behaviour of honeybees. Here are ten examples of lessons we could usefully apply to our own lives. 1) Honeybees live within their means. There are no banks, loans or credit cards in the bees’ world; only the resources they themselves gather and store. Like us, bees need

Colloidal Silver Immune Support – Snake Oil or Supplement

Colloidal silver has exploded on the web as a supplement, heralded as a cure all, and cursed by some officials that seem to be motivated by the large pharmaceuticals. Colloidal silver was used as a natural antibiotic prior to the discovery of penicillin. The new antibacterial agent was the drug of favor worldwide. Colloidal silver