Pasta Bella – Great Italian Food

Italian pasta recipes vary according to regional cuisine. Northern recipes, for instance, from the Piemonte, Calabria and Liguria regions feature readily available cheeses, cured hams and pancetta, a kind of smoked bacon. Most notable of these recipes is pasta carbonara. Pasta Carbonara This Italian pasta recipe requires, 3-4 strips of pancetta or bacon, 1 egg,

Food Time Table For Two-Year Old Baby

Two years is an important milestone when it comes to you little one’s eating habits and the food they consume. At the age of two years, your baby needs a lot of nutrients in his body and milk is not enough to cater to the needs of their growing bodies. So, while it is important

Tapas: A Spanish Food Adventure

A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine and translates to a small portion of any kind of food, similar to Chinese dim sum. It may be cold or hot. In the early days of tapas, a slice of cheese or ham was served with your drink and placed over the mouth of

Best Five Asian Food Items for Weight Reduction

Time-Tested and Confirmed Successful Asian Food Items for Weight Reduction Food items for weight reduction are plentiful in the Asian diet plan. The reason is the Asian diet plan is a great depiction of just how Asian individuals eat a good amount of veggies, fruit, seaweed, healthful fat in fish oils, fish, and teas. Additionally,

Easy Chinese Food Recipes

Are you looking for that great flavour that you find in Chinese recipes, but simply do not know where to start? Or maybe you think it’s too hard or takes too much time. Well, you don’t have to be a professional cook to prepare some great, quick, and easy meals for the whole family. I’ll

Exclusively Festive Food in Festive Seasons

In colorful India we have a huge variety of foods that people consume every day, different food in different time. Starting from North to south we come across thousands of foods across the country. The most interesting part is the dishes prepared in the festive season, it’s almost every day celebrated. The celebration season is

What Can You Do With Your Food Storage?

You need to plan your food storage in terms of what you can actually MAKE out of the items. Wheat will do you no good if you don’t have other baking items necessary to make edible food out of it. Using the information from the book Marlene’s Magic with Food Storage as a general guideline,

Food Specialities of the Seychelles

When on holiday in this glorious destination, many travellers enjoy sampling the local cuisine of the Seychelles,which can only be described as a blend of the tropical and all the other cultures that have influenced it over the past centuries, including British, French, Indian, African and Chinese cuisines. There is something that everyone will enjoy

What Type of Food is in Venezuela?

Venezuela has a touch of marine flavor when talks about food place. Fresh fish and shellfish generally are a part of typical fare. In fact, you can get fresh fish and shellfish in practically any part of the country. However, ‘pabellon’ is known as national food of the country. Pabellon is a meat dish that

Avocados Are a Wonder Food!

People can be really lukewarm about avocados. If you don’t know when they are at peak ripeness, they can be kind of weird both in taste and texture; that is, no taste and waxy in texture. Until recently, people didn’t choose avocados partly because they thought they had no flavor, but mostly because they thought

Romancing With Wine and Food

You can always impress your date by romancing with wine and food. Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and as for the wine we still aren’t sure on that one. However, most women love gourmet food and wine, so the man who can provide that and more is

How to Clean a Thermos Food Jar

Thermos food jars are only as good as they can serve their purpose; otherwise they can be such a disappointment. Pre-heating or cooling your thermos before filling it up could go a long way in ensuring best results, but never use the microwave for this. Always fill it up with hot or cold water before

The Truth About Food Dye ADHD Facts

Even though the FDA insists that food dyes are safe the studies say otherwise. Artificial food dyes do contribute to ADHD symptoms such as restlessness and hyperactivity and if food dyes were taken out of the diet, a large percentage of children would not need ADHD prescription drugs such as Concerta or Ritalin. Food dye

5 Top Tips For Matching Food With Wine

The matching of a wine to a particular food is quite a skill, but once your palate develops – all it takes is practice – the task will become easier. Food matching tips from the experts is a great place to start, and get a feel of wine-tasting terminology. An accurate description of a wine

The Harmony Between Food and Wine

Wine is a social drink which should be enjoyed in the company of friends and .. food. The right combination between food and wine is a source of ultimate bliss for every connoisseur. Both wine and food can benefit from the right pairing. The right wine can accentuate unexpected gastronomical aspects of food and vice

Traditional Dutch Food – The Rijsttafel

When you visit a country for the first time, you always want to try the signature dishes. When in Spain, you want to sample the paella, in Japan sushi, in India you want to taste different curries. But what kind of food is t­raditionally Dutch? The answer is a lot, and not many. The Dutch

Dry Skin Rash – 5 Eczema Benefits of Chewing Your Food

One of the easiest ways to improve your health and thus begin to heal your eczema is to start chewing your foods more thoroughly. We are all busy people and we tend to eat on the go which means we are chopping and swallowing food without any thought to whether our food is being sufficiently

Food Specialties in a Marathi Wedding

Of all the other cultures in India, Maharashtrians tend to have the simplest weddings. These weddings are complemented with simple, yet healthier wedding cuisines. Marathi food promises less oil, less salt, minimal butter, thereby making it a fitness freak’s delight. The Menu Wedding menu of a Marathi family is almost always vegetarian, and more so

Is Your Health Food Really Healthy?

The world is becoming more health conscious every year. Food companies are making so-called health food products, the fast food industry is trying to make healthier menus, and people are making smarter choices when it comes to their food. This is a wonderful thing and is much needed with obesity continually affecting more and more

Amazing Coconut Oil, a True Super Food

Coconut oil has come on the scene in the recent past as one of nature’s true super foods. The myriad of uses for this amazing oil are truly astonishing and the many health benefits make it a product everyone should have in their pantry. WHAT ARE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL? A few of

Careers in Food Technology

The growing consumerism and a fast paced lifestyle have led to a greater demand for packed and processed food. The challenge most food processing units face today is to produce food items which contain minimal amount of chemicals and preservatives yet have optimum appeal and shelf-life. And this has raised the demand for food technologists

The Organic-Conventional Food Debate

You can never get too healthy. Getting and keeping good health is more important than your bank accounts being full. Keeping your health in tune and properly functioning is a good place to invest your resources. Good insurance will allow you access to good doctors that will help in your quest for good health. A

Learn How To Increase Your Semen Volume With Food

Many men believe that their masculinity is connected to their performance in the bedroom. We have all heard the statement that size matters. Well, that’s not entirely true. You might be happy with your size but if you’re shooting blanks then the effort seems futile. This is especially true if you are trying to start

Food Security In Nigeria

What is food security? Well, in attempting to answer this question, there are two key words that stand out here – food and security. Food, according to the dictionary is any substance that people or animals eat or drink to stay alive. Rice, beans, millet, fish, meat, water, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, alcohol, wine and

You’re Not A Dog, Don’t Reward Yourself With Food

Those of you concerned with losing weight and getting in shape need to remember this important key point – you’re not a dog so don’t reward yourself with food. The reason I bring this topic up is because often when folks are trying to improve their daily nutrition, many times when they are able to

Hidden Food Allergies & Cravings

One of the most troubling aspects of hidden food allergies is that we tend to crave what we are allergic to. As you scanned over the list of allergens on the previous page, did you recognize any of your favorite foods? If you have been experiencing some of the symptoms of allergies, you may be

Be Food Safe – Always

Food safety is one issue that we should always keep top-of-mind. Here are a few basic guidelines to remember during this season of the noshes, nibbles, buffets, potlucks, and office parties that are key to food safety. Wash Your Hands Hand washing is essential. Hand washing in warm soapy water will eliminate many of the

Food Made From Wheat

It is believed that wheat possesses a certain characteristic that enhances the natural flavors in food preparations, making the dishes better tasting and succulent. That is, of course, the objective, to make preparations that will satisfy the palate. That is why most Taiwanese restaurants to make traditional Chinese dumplings, they only use natural wheat. And

Mauritian Food – An Overview

Mauritius is an island of about 1 million inhabitants situated in the Indian Ocean. The ethnic diversity of the local people is reflected in its cuisine. As a result, the cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Indian Cuisine, Creole, Chinese and European. In Mauritius, local fruits and vegetables used under the influence of culinary

Easy Chinese Food Recipes

Are you looking for that great flavour that you find in Chinese recipes, but simply do not know where to start? Or maybe you think it’s too hard or takes too much time. Well, you don’t have to be a professional cook to prepare some great, quick, and easy meals for the whole family. I’ll

Soul Food Seasonings Dictionary

What gives food it’s soul? Many opinions have been noted over the years. Some say it’s the food, others say it’s the cooking techniques, still others say it’s the history behind the food. But everyone agrees, what really gives soul food its soul is the seasonings. Learning how and what to season your food with

How To Vacuum Seal And Freeze Food In Canning Jars

I want to cook soups and freeze them in canning jars and have ordered a product online that will vacuum seal these jars for me. I have never canned but I found online that there are canning jars that I can freeze in. I know that I must leave space in the jar for expansion.

5 Reasons to Make Your Own Baby Food

Many parents feed their infants store-bought baby food, and why not? They are convenient, cheap, and come in an assortment of flavours for a baby to enjoy. When I was pregnant with our first son, I decided to do some research about the food I would be putting into his mouth when the time came.

Diabetic Food Exchange

Summary Diabetic food exchange is a food categorizing system to make meal planning easier for people with diabetes. The system groups foods according to their nutritional values, helping diabetic individuals eat carbohydrate-consistent, nutritionally balanced meals to achieve glucose (blood sugar) control and overall heath. The American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association devised the

Why the Food Pyramid Sucks

Have you ever had one of those moments… Someone asks you a question which seems to be really simple, yet you know if you answer it, it opens up for a 100 more questions? After explaining to my friend about my feelings on why counting calories doesn’t work, I think he was having a little

The Best-Tasting Food You’ll Find In Cebu’s Top Restaurants

The Best Lechon at Rico’s Lechon Located at Highway 77, Talamban in Cebu City is Rico’s Lechon, a restaurant where you’ll find the best-tasting, most flavorful lechon (roasted pig) in the country. It’s so good, it’s known to be ordered, flown and enjoyed in Manila by its rich and moneyed residents. This surprises no one

Filipino Recipes – Ginataang Suso – Pinoy Food

Ginataang suso, or snails cooked in coconut milk is an exotic food that you will find surprisingly delicious. Just like anything else that is cooked with coconut milk, you will enjoy the rich flavor of this unique recipe. For the adventurous palate, you can try this dish and you will surely agree that the taste

Debunking the Food Pyramid

The traditional food pyramid has been revised and updated in 2005 by the USDA and do you know who modified the food pyramid? The USDA paid $2.5 million to a PR/marketing group to help design this new food guide pyramid, and that group is best know for doing work for the dairy industry. In fact,

Making Food Preparation Easy With Varied Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Modern kitchen technology in commercial areas is getting advanced more and more with every passing year, offering new appliances and equipment that make a kitchen work (ranging from cooking, cleaning the dishes to keeping proper food storage) lot more efficient, safe and easy. In service or hospitality industries like hotels, restaurants, industrial canteens, food courts,

The Importance of Getting a Food License

Food handling is a very important sector in any country’s economy. There is a great need for the regulation of the same. This is because if the food is not handled in the correct way, and then we find ourselves dealing with disease outbreaks that can actually lead to deaths and serious illnesses. So as

4 Benefits of Starting a Food Truck Venture

Today, the rapid growth of the food industry is for all to see. Food is essential, we all know that obviously but in the last decade or so, the business of restaurants and hotels has soared immensely. We all love to dine out with our friends and family at least once or twice a week

Still Think of Chocolate As Health Food?

This isn’t exactly news because it came to light several years ago, but chocolate isn’t the health food it was proclaimed to be, say, 5 or so years ago. Yet people still seem to think it is – so they eat it and tell themselves it’s good for them. Why they do that? Well, they

Pairing Food and Wine is a Matter of Taste

First off let me say that I am in no way a wine snob. I do not believe that there is an ultimate right and wrong way to pair wine with food. It all boils down to your personal taste and the tastes of your guests. Most people like to pair white wines with white

The Good Side of Processed Food

Processed food includes food stuff that has been altered from its natural condition for safety concerns and also for convenience. Sometimes we think that processed foods are bad but it is just a one big misconception among the people in general and processed food is as good as any other food product. Let’s take an

The Best Food For EXTRA Energy

Supercharge your energy levels this year with these essential five star super foods. It’s that time of the year, well into January when you are getting back into the swing of business, family and exciting projects for your year ahead. It’s when you want to feel focused and energized. Choosing to eat the foods that

Chocolates – The Healthy Food

Chocolates are such a tasty stuff loved by all the ages. Chocolates are mainly made up of cocoa solids. In a chocolate the basic amount of cocoa used is about 70%. Chocolates have some beneficial qualities to health. Chocolates have the traces of iron, calcium and potassium and vitamin A, B1, C, D and E.

Merits of Having Healthy Food

In the modern era of having everything at the touch of a fingertip, a diet plan has become a trend to reduce weight. Having a healthy diet food is important to have proper and controlled diet. Basically it’s necessary to stick to a particular diet chart when on a diet. Diet chart is a plan

Tempeh – The Super Healthy Probiotics Food

If you are a person who concerns about health, healthy food should be in your family’s daily menu. For your today’s menu, why don’t you cook something delicious with probiotics contents and have many health benefits to reduce cancer risk, good for diabetic diets, lower cholesterol, boost immune system, and even help weight loss program?

How Healthy Food Changed My Life?

Often, developing healthy food habit is not as restrictive or as confusing as several individuals imagine. The first and foremost principle of healthy nutrition is simply eating a wide range of foodstuff. This is more important, since varied foodstuff make varied dietary contributions. Secondly, vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains are necessary, since these foods are