Hidden Stimulating Foods in Your Diet: Tyramine Reactions

Have you ever experienced intrusive insomnia even though you were really tired, or an overall anxiety when nothing is actually upsetting you? Even after you cut out coffee, stopped smoking and cut down on sugar and alcohol, these symptoms still persisted. You might not be aware of the fact that there are certain foods you

Strange Korean Foods: Pig Guts Soup

Having spent the better part of five years in Korea you can believe I’ve eaten plenty of strange Korean foods. Live octopus? Sure. Tube worm? You bet. Pickled jellyfish? Delicious. These are all fine examples of curious Korean cuisine and worth a try if you find yourself in the Land of Morning Calm. Granted, they

The 6 Best Types Of Foods For Good Sex

Improving your sex life can be a lot easier. You do not need to stuff yourself with those mostly medically unproven aphrodisiacs. What you need to do to get a robust sex life is simply to let your body digest a broad range of vitamins and nutrients from your daily diet. The basic requirement for

The Foods You Eat Can Change Your Skin Colour

In case you haven’t heard, you are what you eat. Perhaps you won’t turn into a chocolate chip cookie, but there are certain foods that can increase or decrease your melanin production. Melanin activates the pigmentation of your skin, making in darker when more melanin is being produced by the body. So, depending on the

Healthy Breakfast Foods

It is always surrounded by silly excuse of lack of time. And still no one denies that fact that “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day. Why such a hullabaloo about this early morning meal? Well, for starters, this meal comes after a break of 8 – 10 hours; hence your blood sugar

20 Foods That Are Good for Healthy Bones

Our body is composed structurally of bones as the primary support. Bone health is considered essential for everyone since weak bones make our life miserable. Essential nutrients for healthy bones can be obtained through various natural foods. The following food types promote healthy bones. 1. Milk Milk has a high calcium content value. Calcium is

Varicose Veins Diet Treatment: 10 Foods to Avoid

Varicose veins or spider veins (because of the shape of the veins around the affected area- the veins around the affected area occurs in clusters) are usually found near the outer layer of the skin, and you can actually see them. The size of varicose veins varies – they can be quite small or very

Want to Live Longer? Drink Sour Milk (or Fermented Foods!)

That is a famous quote from the eastern European country of Georgia (formerly of the Soviet Union) relating to the long life of the people in that region. They have traditionally consumed large amounts of fermented foods, including yogurt, but this is not very realistic in many areas of the world today, including the United

Foods For Hemorrhoid Patients

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins within the lower section of the gastrointestinal tract which is basically found in the rectum and anus. It causes pain if it protrudes especially during bowel movement. Whenever the protrusion is irritated, the skin around it becomes inflamed, swollen and painful. In some cases, these hemorrhoids bleed from simple drops to

How to Cure Yeast Infection – Some of the Foods to Avoid

If you are suffering from yeast infection, you shouldn’t really worry about it much. Here are some tips to cure yourself and live a better life. One of the ways to prevent yeast infections is to avoid harmful foods. Avoid all sweets that have hidden sweeteners in them like processed foods. Processed foods includes soups,

The Difference Between Savoury and Sweet Foods

People prefer different flavours in their meals, which is the basis of sweet and savoury foods. So what is the basic difference between sweet and savoury? Sweet food is dominated by the taste of sugar or honey as in desserts, while savoury food is quite the opposite, full-flavoured, often sometimes spicy and associated with food

The Foods You Need to Eat During Pregnancy!

Need some real, practical suggestions for healthy breakfasts, snacks, meals and drinks for avoiding excessive weight gain during pregnancy? Look no further – we’ve even given you a shopping list! PREGNANCY NUTRITION: TOP FOODS TO EAT AND TO AVOID! Pregnancy Nutrition: BREAKFAST IDEAS Fresh fruit smoothie: Blend any fresh fruit (with some natural unsweetened live

Inflammatory Foods: Gas on the Fire

In my previous article entitled Inflammation… It’s A Crock. I discussed how inflammation cooks the body just like an egg or a piece of meat in a crock pot. This article is a follow up to describe the particular foods that can put gas on that fire and speed the degeneration of tissues and organs

Paleo Fanatics and Foods That Ruin Your Life

Have you ever met a Paleo fanatic? I have. In truth they are just like any fanatic, annoying. The annoying thing about any fanatic is no matter how obnoxious they are today, next month they will be a fanatic and obnoxious about something different. If you have read our other articles, you probably have realized

Foods For a Person With No Gallbladder

My internist, Dra. Joan Singidas, gave me this list before I underwent a gallbladder removal through lap chole (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) surgery. The list of foods to avoid and foods to include She told me to just avoid the foods in the foods to avoid column and observe within one week if would experience again another

Important Weight Loss Foods for Proper Dieting

So what are weight loss foods? We have all heard the expression, “you are what you eat”. Whether it’s pork chops, fried chicken, potatoes, cheese cake or chocolate, your body will respond based on how you are feeding it. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy the foods you eat, but moderation is the key.

Top 7 Foods To Avoid With Cold Sores

Foods to avoid with cold sores are key foods that contain high levels of the amino acid arginine and low quantities of lysine. You probably have heard of arginine and lysine. These are two amino acids that are present in most foods. Arginine and lysine have a big impact on the duration and frequency of

Tips on Processed Meat Products Or Processed Foods

By definition, processed foods are those that are altered from its natural state by applying a certain step to be able to produce a variant out of that natural food. With meat for example, the pork undergoes certain processes such as slicing, marinating, smoking and freezing for it to be able to be made into

Foods that Promote Inflammation

“The more severe the pain or illness, the more severe will be the necessary changes. These may involve breaking bad habits, or acquiring some new and better ones.” -Peter McWilliams You are not helpless in your fight against inflammation! Your diet plays a major role in activating or suppressing a protein called cytokines that causes

Five Healthy Foods to Improve Nutrition After Weight Loss Surgery

Patients who lose weight with bariatric surgery generally set their sights on living a healthier life using weight loss surgery as a tool for weight loss and healthy weight management. Many patients are concerned they may suffer nutritional deficiencies as a result of the malabsorptive surgery such as gastric bypass because the surgery restricts the

7 Essential Foods To Prevent Hair Loss

Like any other part of the body, you need to remember that even your hair needs to get the type of nourishment that it deserves to grow long and strong. When hair is healthy and nourished, it will be able to grow, but when hair is undernourished, it will be prone to breakage and hair

10 Protein-Rich Foods for Vegetarians to Include in Their Diets

If you’re a vegetarian looking for suggestions on how to include proteins in your diet, you must often meet disbelieving stares and standard replies such as, “Why don’t you just start having eggs”? A bunch of vegetarian foods come in with high quantities of protein to help you lead a healthy lifestyle without having to

5 Best Brain Foods Toddlers and Young Kids

Children are constantly developing, whether they’re sleeping or playing. What they eat is highly important, because it impacts their growth, including brain development. It affects how quickly they pick up and learn simple things as toddlers. When your little one has started to go to school, what he eats affects his focus and cognitive skills.

How Do You Store Medifast Foods And Meals?

People sometimes ask me how much space is needed for your Medifast foods. Another common concern is whether you need a refrigerator or freezer to keep the Medifast meals fresh. You really don’t need a lot of room for the Medifast meals. In fact, I’ve heard of people storing them in boxes under their bed.

Foods To Avoid With Tinnitus

A quick point before we start, I am not a doctor and do not claim to be. Any special diet requirements you have you should take up with your dietician or medical professional. The foods I talk about here are foods that I find beneficial to me to avoid. My name is John and I

The Best Tasting Medifast Foods

The other day, I received an email from a reader who was trying to put together a custom medifast order but wasn’t sure which foods to chose.  She asked me to give her a list of what were the best tasting foods.  I was happy to do that and I’ll share my list with you below,

Healthy High-Calorie Foods For Weight Gain

No doubt, gaining weight is as hard as losing. Having a good body and a healthy weight is important to live a long and healthy life. And if you are one of those skinny people who is struggling to increase some extra pound, so, this article is for you. Here we share a list of

Healthy Lifestyle Through Foods We Eat

Everyone is conscious about their weight and wants to be fit and sexy. Losing weight could be difficult if you are not aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle. We know that foods are the best way to satisfied are craving. There are people who eats a lot to distress their self. Who doesn’t

Chitalian Foods – A Fantastic Fusion of East Meets West

In different countries around the world, people differentiate themselves in many aspects such as culture or way of life and even in the ingredients as well as the way they cook food is influenced by the regions where they live in. And because of the varying preferences that people have in various locations, restaurants, for

Iconic Foods of Europe

Greek Feta Greek cheeses are an important part of the Greek cuisine. Feta is the national cheese of Greece consisting of sheep and goat’s milk (with a maximum of 30% goat milk). Sheep’s milk gives the cheese a more buttery flavor, while goat cheese makes it harder and milder in flavor. Creamy, crumbly feta is

They Eat What! Latin America’s Most Exotic Foods – Part 1

They’re horrid, ghastly, gross, unthinkable, gut-wrenching, wonderful and delicious. These are but a few of the adjectives used to describe commonly eaten fare “south of the border” from Mexico to Peru. The expression, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” has never seen more fruition than evidenced in these “exotic” foods found throughout Latin America.

Jamaican Foods For Seduction

Jamaican foods for seduction are everywhere. Many come to the island of Jamaica and fall in love with the food because of its taste but also because of the seductive feel some foods bring. Foods for flirting, as local herbalists say, include hot peppers, which get the heart pumping and induce sweating. The typical Jamaican,

Slider Foods Spell Weight Regain For Weight Loss Surgery Patients

For most people eating sliders is a good thing. Popularized by the American food chain, White Castle, a slider (originally slyder) is a miniature grilled hamburger or cheeseburger on a steamed bun often served with onions and dill pickle and other condiments. They originally sold for a nickel a piece in the 1940s making it

Say No to Toxic Shampoo and Foods

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always just mean eating our vegetables. Today’s world bombards us with toxins every day as pollution is all around us. Toxic waves from our mobile phones and microwaves, oil spills destroying oceans, aluminium oxide sprayed in the skies, toxic poisons in our genetically modified food and even toxins in our

Don’t Eat That! – Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

We all know that look: the one where your dog is begging for a piece of your dinner or delicious dessert. You know you shouldn’t, but one bite can’t hurt. Or can it? There are some human foods that your dog absolutely should not eat because they could get sick or even die from foods

Untold Dangers Of GM (Genetically Modified) Foods

In virtually all tests done on laboratory rats given GM foods, infant mortality and reproductive disorders have followed. This coincides with incidences of low birth weight, infertility, and infant mortality escalating in the United States as GM food becomes part of every American diet. Food Is Now Registered As A Pesticide It might surprise you

Discover the Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t eat a lot of fermented foods. Fermented foods are more popular in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese culture where fermented soy products like tempeh and kimchee are a dietary staple. In fact, the only exposure many Americans get to fermented foods is when they eat a container of

10 Foods to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an important fat-like substance used to create hormones (such as vitamin D), build healthy cells, and digest your food. The cholesterol your body uses can come from two different sources: your own body or the food you eat. Dietary cholesterol, meaning the cholesterol from food, is only found in animal-based products (i.e. meat,

Having Fun With Aphrodisiac Foods!

When your sex life needs to be supercharged with new life try some Aphrodisiac foods and have fun with the experience. So, you’re wondering what are these foods? Well since the days of Montezuma one that has withstood the test of time is chocolate. In fact, Montezuma was known to have drunk something like 50-goblets

Top 5 Foods for Quick Weight Loss

Gaining weight has become common. Nowadays people are getting overweight as they are indulging more in high calorie food rather than eating healthy food. The experts have never suggested starving as a solution. People who want to lose weight should focus on healthy weight loss to avoid further health issues. “How to lose weight quickly”

High Calories Foods That Are Good for You

When we say foods are high in calories, we think they must be unhealthy. The foods that we have mentioned are very dense in calories but they are still a healthy diet in moderation. We need at least some dietary fat for our hormones to function properly and to absorb minerals and vitamins. Doctors recommend

Lose Weight With 2 Foods That Cost Only 88 Cents

If you’re clueless when it comes to your diet, I’m going to give you 2 cheap foods that will almost guarantee you’ll lose weight… if you eat them everyday. So if you can afford a whopping 88 cents a day and you have an open mind, I’ll have you dropping pounds within 4 days. These

5 Foods That Are Much Less Healthy Than You Think

There are several “healthy” foods that are not as good for you as you may think. Food manufacturers advertise these products as effective for delivering lots of nutrition, helping you lose weight, keeping your mind sharp, and offering other physical and mental health advantages. Unfortunately, all the advertising tricks in the world don’t change the

Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods (Best List)

One of the most overlooked causes to some of the most common diseases plaguing our society today is inflammation. Here are the top recommended Anti-Inflammatory Foods List and Anti-Inflammatory Diet. When we pour through the statistics, we can see that high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, and arthritis all have one cause in common and

Natural Acne Cures – 5 Healthy Foods That Cause Acne Breakouts

You can cure your skin problem with natural acne cures. There is no need to resort to expensive over-the-counter products. Did you know that there are extremely healthy foods that make acne worse? Your health-conscious diet could be causing your breakouts. These are the most dangerous foods because they are hiding behind the mask of

12 Healthy Healing Foods From the Bible

Why does our society seem to seek every way to overcome sickness and disease other than looking in the best Instruction Manual that’s been around for thousands of years? Why do we avoid the simplicity of the basics when it comes to our health? The “basics” I refer to are eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise and

3 Healthiest Foods for a Long Life, Strong Heart and Healthy Joints

In the quest for greater health and the prevention of disease, people are looking more and more to the quality of the foods they eat. Fast food, fried food, sweets, and foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being replaced by healthier options. Research studies are showing that food is more than mere nutrition

Big Sur Wild Forage Foods in Mill Creek

Here in Mill Creek there are an abundance of plants which can be harvested at various times of the year for food and medicine. The first to appear are bracken ferns, which grow to large size. In the fiddlehead stage of early spring, as they are forming little curls, they have tight heads that can