Frozen Ambrosia Cream Squares Dessert Recipe

If you enjoy making frozen-style desserts for your family, I think you will enjoy this easy to make Ambrosia Cream Squares recipe. This recipe is done in a 4 layer technique. Please read the entire list of ingredients needed before beginning the recipe. Once it has been completed, you will need to place it into

The Unhealthy Convenience of Frozen Waffles and Pancakes

Okay, I’ll admit it, last week I found myself over in the frozen food section of my local grocery store looking at pancakes and grabbing a box of waffles. I even made the mistake of purchasing the box because in all reality it’s a convenience food and the kids love them. Yet, I’m no stranger

Cooking Frozen Packaged Meals in a Toaster Oven

Many people buy a toaster oven so that they don’t have to turn on their energy hogging full-sized oven for small meals. Then, to their dismay, they notice that most prepackaged frozen meals have this warning: “Do not cook in a toaster oven.” These countertop ovens are just smaller versions of normal ovens, so is

PRODUCT REVIEW: Wink Frozen Dessert

Don’t buy Wink Frozen Dessert without reading this review. This vegan, no fat, no sugar diet food gets two enthusiastic thumbs and eight fingers way way down. Unfortunately Wink Frozen Dessert is classified as food. Last night I had a pint of their Dark Chocolate. When I looked at the ingredients list, the two only