Easy Entertaining – Frugal Holiday Entertaining

One aspect to take into consideration when entertaining is the financial cost. If you aren’t careful, expenses can add up, pushing you over budget when feeding a crowd. Follow these easy tips to keep your holiday gatherings memorable and budget-friendly! 1. Don’t worry about decorating the entire house. Focus the festive decorating in the room

Frugal Travel Tips For Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city of unique architecture, tasty treats, and that oh so Mediterranean feel. The entire city, largely thanks to the architect Antoni Gaudi, is like an outdoor art museum. Getting a taste of that culture can be frugal or even free. Park Guell Park Guell gives the frugal traveler one of the best

Frugal Travel Tips For Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech can be a bargain for savvy tourists. The two must see’s in Marrakech, Djemaa el-Fna and the Souks, are free. Frugal even if you can’t resist making purchases. The landmark I use to orientate myself is the tower of the Koutoubia Mosque. The tallest in the city, it can be seen from anywhere near

Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once a Month Cooking Review

Do you have the right ingredients for cooking the family meal tonight? Or have you just walked into the kitchen wondering what you are going to cook and feeling like it is just another chore to tackle? This is how so many people feel because their lives are so full and busy. The last meal

Frugal Travel Tips For Beijing, China

Beijing, home of the 2008 Olympics, has more to offer it than simply an Olympic venue. Sites such as the Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven charge an entrance fee. Other sites such as the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs require, in addition to the entrance fees, an excursion outside the city. However