Icing on the Cake – Brainstorming Healing Protocols

An Aromatherapist has his or her own healing protocol or framework. Some emphasize on chemical components and therapeutic properties while others emphasize on plant parts or emotional aspects. It is hard to say which one is superior. Each protocol has its own merits. In reality, many people are amazed at how effective Aromatherapy is in

How to Prevent Disease With Healing Gourmet

The Healing Gourmet seven book series is a product that is based on the theory that you are what you eat and modern day food and eating habits are making many of us seriously ill or at least contributing to it. Read on for a review of this product. There are five damaging aspects of

A Weight Loss Surgery Journal Marks Progress and Healing

We have heard it all our dieting life: “keep a food journal, it will keep you accountable for what you eat.” That advice always failed me, the best I could ever keep a food journal was through breakfast, I did not want to leave written evidence of my eating behavior. But there is one time

Orthomolecular Medicine to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetic Wound Healing

There are several amino acids involved in treating erectile dysfunction. Four amino acids that treat this disorder are arginine, orthinine, L-carntitine, and glycine. Treating erectile dysfunction with amino acids is called orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine is the use of therapeutic levels of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to treat and cure disease. Dr. Linus Pauling

12 Healthy Healing Foods From the Bible

Why does our society seem to seek every way to overcome sickness and disease other than looking in the best Instruction Manual that’s been around for thousands of years? Why do we avoid the simplicity of the basics when it comes to our health? The “basics” I refer to are eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise and

Book Advocates Natural Healing for Man’s Best Friend

Healing Your Dog Naturally is a revolutionary new book by Nicole Gabriel that will make you rethink how you care for your dog. It will teach you how to be proactive about your canine’s healthcare and by extension rethink your own eating and medicinal habits. Consequently, you can kill two birds with one stone, or

Natural Health & Healing – Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration and How the Body Heals Itself

The Philosophy of Regeneration and its three Principles The Chinese’s study and understanding of thousands of herbs and determining what effect they have on the human body spans over 5,000 years. The Philosophy of Regeneration was formulated to highlight what the body needs to properly restore itself to health. Instead of concentrating on particular ailments,