Funny Food Quotes

In my opinion, a good laugh is just as important to personal health as eating right and exercise. In fact, if I had to list the top three healthy habits, they would be green tea, broccoli and laughter. Laughter improves our overall state of mind and sense of satisfaction with life, raising our energy level

Torrone Cubbarda E Minnulata – Sicilian Nougat

Welcome back. Today, we’re going to talk about Sicilian Nougat, or “Torrone” – ” Cubbarda e Minnulata”. This is an Italian dessert that is made with honey, sugar, sesame seeds, toasted almonds and orange or lemon zest. It is a very tasty confection and is quick and easy to make. When properly stored, the torrone

Ndunderi – Story of an Italian Dumpling

If you have and Italian American background, chances are that your ancestors came from South Italy. If you remember hearing your grandparents or great grandparents talk you know that they did not “speak” Italian, they “sang” it. Italian phrases that I remember from childhood are not distinguishable as individual words. They were a flow of

The History of Bread Pudding – Part 1

Welcome back to the Italian Desserts. This post is the beginning of another diversion of sorts. Over the new few postings, we will be discussing bread pudding history and some recipes along the way. I am digressing again because my research into the world of Italian desserts has taken me WAY back in time, took

Quick Healthy Recipes: Dressing Up an Old Standby

Caring for our family and others includes finding ways to give them good nutritional meals and that can be a challenge. What are you to do when they will only eat familiar vegetables from childhood: green beans, peas, corn and potatoes? Green beans were often cooked in bacon grease and laden with bacon pieces. Peas

Excessive Border Collie Licking

I’m sure it happened to go see a friend and as soon as you opened the door a dog came out and started licking your face like crazy. Or maybe you yourself have a dog that has to lick you every time you come home or when you pet him. This is a habit that

Christmas in America Compared to Christmas in Italy, Two Pleasurable Holiday Destinations!

There are similarities and differences between Christmas in America and Christmas in Italy. The Christmas holiday originated with the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25, a day around the shortest day of the year. Therefore, the main reason we celebrate the holiday is to celebrate Christ’s birthday. Another reason for celebrating Christmas includes the

Farfatelle, Wandi, Guanti – Different Names, But Same Delicious Treat

We’re walking down sidewalks of Biscotti, along streets lined with Cannoli through neighborhoods with rows and rows of Tiramisu – now we notice the lovely clumps of Farfatelle that dot the lawns in the neighborhoods. Though a simple dessert, these delightful love knot / bow tie shaped cookies make such pretty arrangements. The sugar sprinkled

Vegetable Medley

Summer is the best time of the year to eat fresh vegetables. I like to mix a variety of vegetables together to make a vegetable medley. I prefer leafy greens, but I love carrots, squash and zucchini. Zucchini and squash are great alone or paired together making a lovely arrangement of colors. As a matter

Three Great Greek Vegetarian ‘Mezes’ (Little Dishes)

When I first met my American Greek husband, he had his American food lover head on: (excuse my punctuation – I’m used to writing recipes). Sandwiches with thick slices of meat between thick slices of crusty white bread Lots of crab, other shellfish and fish Salads Barbecues Italian food Of course Greek food – his

The Best Way to Ask Single Women Out on a Date

The way you ask for a date with single women can make a big difference in whether she accepts or declines. Also, it’s very important that you feel confident in advance that she is going to accept your invitation to get together for a date. Whatever you do, don’t expect a “no” answer in advance

DeLonghi EC701: 5 Must Know Facts about the DeLonghi EC701

Manufactured in Italy – Most people will overlook this; but when you have owned a real Italian espresso machine like I have, you learn to appreciate the Italian manufacturing process more than you appreciate your plastic coffee maker. I used to use a black and Decker coffee machine, and I would just run the coffee

Go Slow in Tuscany

I was interested (and I must admit, a little surprised) to read recently that Italy is the European leader in organic farming. Living here in Tuscany, it’s clear that there is definitely a growing culture of farming and eating more organic food, but I somehow expected wealthier, seemingly more “progressive” countries (such as Germany) to

Settebello: A Sought After Italian Experience

We pre-checked out Settebello one night after seeing it across the parking lot from our frequent coffee spot and children’s play place, Kinderland. Its dim lighting and modern rustic styling were just our taste. From the doorway, we saw a private liquor room and a burning hearth just past a bar. We took their high-quality

Top Secret Never Tell Neufchatel Alfredo

This alfredo sauce has it all; it’s low fat, tasty, and easily made in 20 minutes, SHUSH don’t tell. After all, it took quite a bit of thought and time for me to finally divulge the secrets you now see listed. product marketed as a healthier low-fat alternative to cream cheese. It is not identical

Amazing Sweet And Sour Brisket

Growing up on BBQ, there were times that I just couldn’t find a good place for brisket. In fact more and more, you can’t find it anywhere. This is when I started to just make it at home. The only problem was that I didn’t always like to fire up the smoker. One day, a

The Perks of Using Fresh Pasta

One of the reasons I enrolled myself in cooking lessons is my desire to serve authentic Italian cuisine to my family. We are all lovers of anything Italian, most of all Italian food and as you may expect, our favourite is pasta. However, I found that the best chefs do not use dried or store-bought

Lasagna: Then and Now

Lasagna must be one of the most delectable dishes in the Italian repertoire. Lasagna, however, unlike most Italian dishes is not a simple preparation. Lasagna is a carefully planned assembly. While the individual ingredients of lasagna are rather straightforward, the assembly of those ingredients is very complex; and, depending it what you chose to include

Italian Herbs Are Hearty And Healthy

Italian cuisine happens to be my all-time favorite! As a matter of fact I love it so much that I decided to plant my very own Italian herb garden right in my own kitchen. That way, each time I whipped up any of my delightful recipes all I needed to do was stroll over to

Chicken Recipe for Baked Ziti

It’s not necessary to have a party or celebration to cook something special for your family. Though everyone is really busy these days, it is worth having something that you will enjoy eating. For instance, Italian food: I picture a scrumptious cheesy, creamy meal that will leave a lingering smile on the faces of many.