Why a Holiday in Italy Is a Must for Every Travel Enthusiast

If you are looking for a good reason for planning a holiday in Italy this amazing place is definitely going to spoil you with unlimited choices! Italy is a wonderful amalgamation of stunning locales, architecture and rich culture which has transformed this place into a year round vacation spot for travelers from all across the

Wines of Italy: The Famous Killer B’s

Italy has been famous for its wine and wine-makers since Roman times. Today that tradition continues as every region in Italy produces wine. In fact, the country of Italy has over one million acres of vineyards under cultivation, most remarkably indicating how much Italians love their wine. Each region is special for a certain type

Christmas in America Compared to Christmas in Italy, Two Pleasurable Holiday Destinations!

There are similarities and differences between Christmas in America and Christmas in Italy. The Christmas holiday originated with the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25, a day around the shortest day of the year. Therefore, the main reason we celebrate the holiday is to celebrate Christ’s birthday. Another reason for celebrating Christmas includes the

5 Things You Must Do In Naples, Italy

Naples is the home of all good things – pizza, gelato, mandolin playing artists and stunning historical sites set against the backdrop of Mt Vesuvius. Yet surprisingly, the city is half as popular as other Italian cities like Rome, Milan, Venice or Florence. And it’s such a shame because every street in this incredible city

Honeymoon in Italy

Couples all over the world walk down the aisle each year looking ahead not only to their future but a couple weeks spent on a romantic honeymoon. There a couple can begin their life together with a peaceful and romantic vacation together and one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world is Italy.

Romantic Italy-Want To Know More Why Italy Is Considered Romantic?

Romantic Getaways In Italy As Perceived By Maria Liberati, Author Of The Basic Art Of Italian Cooking Today, Bookpleasures.com and Sketchandtravel.com, are pleased to have as its guest, Maria Liberati, supermodel and author of the soon to be released cook- book The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. The cookbook will contain recipes Maria discovered as

The Red Zone at Grave Risk in Italy, Second Wave Covid-19!

Well, I’m in the ‘Red Zone’, a zone that is literally at grave risk! As of the 3rd of November 2020, the Italian government has given new ‘anti-Covid-19’ restrictions, such as curfews and closures, which are most vital in the Red Zone. These restrictions apply to citizens, tourists, and non-citizen permanent residents. It surprised most