Jamaica Traditional Fruit Cake

To many individuals a good quality cake is seen almost as an exotic foods. In Jamaica the traditional rich old time Jamaican fruitcake is among the most popular. Unknown to many, this is a spin-off of the age old English plum pudding It is the dream of every Jamaican woman to be able to make

Explore Authentic Jamaica Through a Food Festival

Explore Authentic Jamaica through a food festival. Jamaica has many interesting foods and several annual food festivals. The Portland Jerk Festival is one of the most well-known festivals because it involves one of Jamaica’s most popular ways of cooking – jerk! Jerk is the process of spicing and grilling. Meat is rubbed with a mixture

Jamaica Food Festivals

Enjoy a different side of Jamaica on your next trip as you explore some of the popular annual food festivals with sumptuous and spicy dishes. If you are planning a trip to the island of Jamaica in the near future, we are recommending that you try something different on this trip. Naturally, you want to