Strange Korean Foods: Pig Guts Soup

Having spent the better part of five years in Korea you can believe I’ve eaten plenty of strange Korean foods. Live octopus? Sure. Tube worm? You bet. Pickled jellyfish? Delicious. These are all fine examples of curious Korean cuisine and worth a try if you find yourself in the Land of Morning Calm. Granted, they

Korean Ramen Noodles Are Becoming Popular

Korean Instant Ramen are usually known as Ramyeon noodles, and they do have some unique characteristics that set them apart from typical Ramen Noodles. For example, these sorts of instant noodle mixtures often contain more seasonings than ordinary Ramen… spicy oils and powders, flavored with chili and garlic, are the norm. This particular flavor composition

Boseong Spring Green Tea, a Korean Classic

A careful selection that results in an aromatic infusion But it also has, of course, outstanding infusions. Such is the case of spring green tea, which stands out above the rest. Did you know that excellent teas are also obtained in Korea? Well that’s the way it is, as in almost all of the Far

All About Bulgogi – Korean Beef

Bulgogi is popular Korean dish that is enjoyed by many all around the world. The word bulgogi is derived from two Korean words; bul means fire and gogi is the Korean term for meat. So a direct translation to bulgogi is fire meat. While Bulgogi sauce can be made spicy and hot, the fire refers

Dishing Out The Best of Korean Food in New York

Korean food has always been synonymous with Kimchi, Bibimbap and barbecues at the table. Over the last few years Korean culture has been building steam all over New York City. Many Korean restaurants in New York have set up shop in a tiny slice of the city called Koreatown. This jam-packed neighborhood boasts of the