10 Lessons We Can Learn From Honeybees

We can learn many things by observing the behaviour of honeybees. Here are ten examples of lessons we could usefully apply to our own lives. 1) Honeybees live within their means. There are no banks, loans or credit cards in the bees’ world; only the resources they themselves gather and store. Like us, bees need

Star Wars Special: PR Lessons From The Jedi Masters

Since its inception 1977, the Star Wars narratives have amassed a great deal of following. Adopting a transmedia strategy, it has provided its fandom with a truly immersive experience which gave birth to a unique subculture of its own. While many look to the film franchise for childhood reminiscence and heart-racing plot build-ups, some of

Thai Humor Lessons for Those About to Visit Thailand

Every culture claims to have a passionate family structure with grandmas firmly in the kitchen cooking grand meal, aunties gossiping, and kids chasing each other around the dinner table. The Americans celebrate the family with holidays like Thanksgiving and many groups throughout the world have similar festivities, though drunken jokes around a turkey varies slightly

8 Life Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus

Are there life lessons to be learned during this pandemic? You bet. Albeit, it isn’t over yet. President Donald Trump warned last week that the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. will probably “get worse before it gets better.” Yup, kinda figured that out. The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon and, once again, this pandemic is

5 Lessons From India

Incase you missed it, I was just in India giving a TEDx talk and decided to make a trip out of it with my 12 year-old son, Jude. It was a trip of a lifetime, and we had the best time with Jude even wanting to stay! I’m so grateful for our time there and