Things to Do in Malta – Unique Maltese Traditions

This article provides information about Malta and its strongest traditions; pottery, glass-blowing, filigree and lace-making, folk music, Maltese food and the traditional market. Malta is an island of traditions, each of which stem from its exquisite history. Here, ‘tradition’ is taken to include several aspects such as crafts, food and music – which are still

Visit Malta – A Unique Malta Experience

The island of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is inhabited by 400,000 people, and is geographically tiny. It’s charm and character however are so much bigger, and some would find it hard to believe that such a small country could be so diverse and entertaining. In short, it is a place for

Dining in Sliema, Malta

Apart from all its charm, Malta draws in travelers for its multiple cuisines derived from different cultures. With an aroma of Mediterranean cuisine combined with the influence of Sicilian and North African dishes, the culture of this island is intertwined with its food. Therefore despite serving dishes of various other countries, the local food items

About Malta – Bars and Restaurants in Malta

Mediterranean Cuisine Although Malta is incredibly small, one can find a vast array of restaurants, cafes and take-outs that range from typical Maltese food, to Japanese sushi and Oriental Cuisine. Expensive 5-star restaurants are present in many localities such as Sliema, Mellieha, Mdina and Valletta. In these cases, cuisine varies. Many of the restaurants on