Cheesy Ramen Noodles in the Microwave

This is a quick and easy alternative to the usual Ramen Noodle soup. It is great for when you don’t have time to boil water and are just looking for a simple yet delicious small meal. Start by taking the packet of noodles and crushing them up in the bag, this is actually not necessary

The Benefits of Microwave Toaster Ovens

Microwave ovens have been around for awhile now. They are one basic appliance that can be seen in the kitchens in every household and who wouldn’t buy this perfect appliance anyway? They made our lives so much easier than it used to be. It heats leftover food and liquid and have a defrosting capability. It’s

Microwave Cooked Food Is Nutritionally Deficient ‘Nuclear Waste’

Did you ever wonder what microwaves can do to water, food and your body? Russian researchers have found decreased nutritional value, cancer-making compounds and brain-damaging radiolytics in virtually all microwave-prepared foods. Eating microwave-prepared meals can also cause loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability and a decline in intelligence, according to the research. The Russian scientists