Karabij – A Middle Eastern Cookie

Karabij is a popular Middle Eastern cookie served with Natef. Natef is a special white cream used for dipping with Karabij. Karabij are one element in the Middle Eastern cookies family, which in turn is a class of Arabic sweets. It is a cookie made of semolina dough, which makes it very delicate and easy

An Early History of Coffee – From Ethiopia to the Middle East

Ethiopia, considered by many archeologists to be the birthplace of the first Homo sapiens some 400,000 years ago, is also believed to have given his descendants a very popular, energizing, and stimulating drink -coffee. The first coffee plants are said to have come from a region called Kaffa in southwestern Ethiopia. Some lexicographers actually consider

What Are Head, Chest, and Middle Voice, Really?

Introduction “If you wish to converse with me, define your terms.” – Voltaire We have to get on the same page. There are far too many pages. There are far too many gimmicks, tricks, and tips spoken and written by people who do not share the same terminology. This makes for problems, misunderstandings and debates.