Beef Vs Chicken – Which Protein is Best to Build Muscle?

The chicken breast as we all know is a tried and true muscle builder used by many professional fitness, bodybuilder, and figure competitors across the world. However, beef (specifically grass fed beef) has many muscle building benefits of its own, as many winning pro bodybuilders of the past contest to. In fact, there are many reasons

How to Eat Junk and Still Build Muscle

Obviously, as Bodybuilders we should always be striving to provide our bodies with a constant supply of healthy, nutrient dense food when looking to build muscle. Unfortunately with today’s fast paced lifestyles and longer working days, we are sometimes forced to grab what we can. When your trying to build muscle eating something is always

7 Top Muscle Building Nutrition Food Sources To Gain Muscle Mass

You can’t actually neglect muscle building nutrition in your muscle building program. But the thing is, many people avoid the topic of nutrition when it comes to building muscles. They think it’s complicated. It’s simply a matter of obtaining the right information because it is in fact easy to find the right muscle building nutrition

The Best Chili Recipe For Fat Loss and Muscle Building

Drop Pounds Without Dropping Your Favorite Foods Whenever I go on a fat loss diet plan to drop a few extra pounds I never give up my favorite foods. A good Lifestyle Fitness Solution will help you incorporate the foods you love into your daily eating plan. In some instances they just may need a

Foods for Strengthening The Sphincter Muscle

The sphincter muscle is a circular band of muscle that surrounds an opening or passage in the body, and is located above the stomach opening. It is also responsible for allowing food to keep in the stomach for proper breakdown and also for keeping of the acid in the stomach which helps in the digestion