Pho – The Best Hangover Cure?

Amongst many circles, the Vietnamese noodle soup Pho (pronounced Fuh), is heralded as the best hangover cure known to mankind. What do we say? Pho shizzle. Pho is a magical soup made of beef, broth and rice noodles. Seriously, its magic. I’ll explain later. It is served in a bowl with thin cuts of well

How to Eat Pho – A Primer For First-Time Diners

When it comes to pho, a Vietnamese would have the distinct advantage of knowing how to eat it. Regardless of whether he or she grew up in the homeland or in an immigrant household overseas, he or she would have a mother or a grandmother who made this heart-filling noodle soup for breakfast each day,

Vietnamese Pho Etiquette

Vietnamese pho is an easy dish to pick up and enjoy. To the casual diner, consuming pho only requires your ability to place your order, and hold chopsticks and spoon in your hands. For those ready for something more, pho etiquette is your next goal. There are specific customs to follow, while other protocols are

Authentic Vietnamese Pho Noodles – A Symbol of Culture and History Abound

Everyone needs to eat. It is a simple fact and has made many entrepreneurs successful in restaurant businesses. There are Vietnamese restaurants throughout the country. Even though this sophisticated cuisine remains largely unknown to the general public. Most popular dish is Pho and is a secret of success in this most popular, challenging, colorful, savory,