Greek Coffee – How to Make Greek Coffee Properly

Greek coffee (“Ellinikos Kafes”) is one of the simplest ways to make coffee. It is also known as Turkish coffee. Coffee has a very old history… It traveled to Turkey from Yemen and from Turkey it became known in Greece. It became so popular that people started calling it “Greek coffee” instead of Turkish (or

How To Properly Clean Japanese Teapots

A properly-brewed cup of tea can practically give anyone joy and comfort, especially when you’re sick or during the cold season. And a beautiful and elegant teapot can definitely make teatime a more enjoyable experience. However, teapots tend to become stained over time, either by the tea or by other mineral deposits from the water.

Properly Seasoning a Wok – Method 1

I enjoy Oriental cooking. I especially enjoy cooking Oriental cooking in a well-seasoned wok. Not only is it the ultimate “One Pan” cooking experience, the cleanup is easy, quick, and convenient. I repeat: To achieve that level of performance, one must have a well-seasoned wok. My other article in this series: “Properly Seasoning a Wok